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Weirdest Things People Were Willing To Sell Or Trade

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 2:31 pm

Loading... For Baseball Tickets - Susan Finkelstein

Phillies fans will go to any lengths to see a game, as shown when Susan Finkelstein offered sex online in exchange for two tickets to the game. The forty three year old fan was charged with a misdemeanor count of prostitution, but she blames the police for setting her up.

2.Hair For Parents Home - Natasha Moraes

Rea life Rapunzel Natasha Moraes de Andrade is just twelve years old, but she has a five foot two inch mane of hair. Selflessly, she had it cute for the first time in her life and sold it for $4,500 to put towards a new home for her family. Unable to enjoy things other children did, she wanted a better life for her and her loved ones.

3.Kidney For Hermes Bag - Man Named Park

We've all heard of people who are crazy for their designer handbags, especially those who love Hermes. It's mostly women who will pay anything to carry these luxurious handbags, but sometimes men can go just as crazy. One man in particular sold a kidney to buy a Hermes Kelly bag for his girlfriend on their first anniversary.

4.naked Photos On FaceBook For A New Scooter - Italian Law Student

Some women will go nude for anything. An Italian law student listed naked pictures of herself on FaceBook in order to raise cash to buy a new scooter. The woman from Naples posted a picture of herself holding up a board, covering her face, that listed the details of the deal.

5.Kidney For iPad - Wang Shangkun

For some people, losing a kidney to kidney disease is one of the most upsetting occurrences, but not for teenager Wang Shangkun. Selling his kidney for over $3,300, the seventeen year old boy was not the only one charged for this act. The surgeon who charged him $220,000 was charged as well.

6.Baby For iPhone - Miss Zhang and Mr. Teng

How badly do you want an iPhone? Well, Miss Zhang and Mr. Teng, must have wanted one pretty badly when they listed their unborn baby for $8,000. The Chinese couple were charged with human trafficking when they accepted the money when the baby was just weeks old by the time the transaction took place.

7.Testicles For Dream Car - Mark Parisi

This guy has balls to make a deal like this. Oh wait, now he doesn't. Mark Parisi sold his left testicle for $25,000 in order to buy a Nissan 370X, with a sticker price of up to $45,000. For some men their testicles don't have a price tag, but Mark felt differently, as he explained openly in an interview on the CBS show, The Doctors.


8.Wife For Liquor - Pundik Chavan

Pundik Chavan liked drinking so much, he sold his wife Sangita. Ganesh Walode, his best friend, bought her for 25,000 Indian dollars in the town of Akola, near Mumbai. In an odd twist, Sangita was in love with Walode, even though Pundik was arrested for the sale. Guess it was a win win for everyone, until the authorities got involved.

9.Baby For Trip To Disney - Bridget Wismer

Bridget Wismer, a thirty four year old mother, sold her infant son for $15,000. Why? Because she wanted to go to Disney World. A fifty five year old man, John Gavaghan, with a criminal record, paid her to purchase the baby and have the infant's birth certificate changed to state Gavaghan as the father.


10.House For Bitcoins - Taylor More

Taylor More sold his two bedroom bungalow online, listing the sale price at $400,000, or 5,759 Bitcoins. These coins are money that can be sent through the internet, with transactions able to be competed without a middle man like government based currencies have. There is no central user, as Bitcoins are a peer to peer decentralized digital currency.

11.Halo Suit Of Armor - Eric Smith

When Eric Smith was dumped by his girlfriend, he was devastated. He was planning to propose to her, and had bought her a ring. Selling the oddly designed ring, that he came up with himself, he sold it on eBay and used the money on a Master Chief armor from the computer game character in Halo.

Loading... For Two McDonald's Cheeseburgers - Florida Hooker

Christie Baker is maybe the dumbest hooker on the streets, or maybe the least greedy. When approached by undercover cops on sting, she agreed to have sex in exchange for two McDonald's cheeseburgers and a tip. When the cop handed her $60 she gave back $20, but was still arrested when she began to honor her side of the deal. The burgers cost $2.75.


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