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Weirdest Questions

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 9:33 pm


A person did honestly ask if butterflies made butter. The mind boggles as to how they could even start to think that this could indeed be the case and you have to hope that they never ask where baby oil comes from. You wonder how they thought that this could ever happen and how did they think that they made it? How stupid must the person be to even consider asking this?

2.Deaf person

If a deaf person has to go to court is it still called a hearing? People really do sit and think about the strangest of things as this question shows and to then go ahead and ask the opinion of the Internet does mean that you are thinking far too much about something that just does not matter. Ok you probably now want to find out the answer to this, so perhaps head to Google.

3.Dog wind

Why is it that a dog hates you blowing in its face, but sticks its head out of the car window for the wind? This is the shorter version of a very long question, but it does make you sit and think about how mad it all sounds. There is no justification for it from the point of view of the dog because surely wind is wind. Perhaps they only like it when it is a strong breeze and your lungs are not powerful enough?


Would you rather be rich and in a wheelchair or poor and able bodied? This is the question that was posed and even though it is a weird thing to ask it does actually end up being quite a clever question at the same time. It does show what things people value, but how did they come up with it in the first place? What conversation happened that led to them asking it?

5.Ghost shower

A question was posed about ghosts. If they can walk through walls and glide down stairs does it mean they are watching us shower? This is surely going to give somebody a complex if they think that their home is haunted and indeed they will now be scared about having a shower in the first place. Why would they want to watch us shower? Surely they would make their presence felt if they did indeed do this?


This question is a mixture of weird as well as interesting as somebody asked why we always go back to the refrigerator in the hope that something has suddenly appeared there all on its own. This is indeed one of the major mysteries of life as we have all done it at some point and nothing new is actually in there the next time we open the door. Us humans really are strange at times


Somebody asked the question as to why they cannot leave the Internet. This in itself is an interesting question if they did not ask it on the Internet and are required to go online in order to see the answers. This does appear to be defeating the purpose of asking the question as surely if you want to quit the Internet you need to ask the question offline?



Somebody asked people to work out how many cups of tea their mother had made them during their life. How on earth can you even guess at a number here? Ok it is easy if you do not drink tea, but who counts these kinds of things? Do you have a set number per day? Do they always go and make it for you or are there times when you make your own? This is one of those questions where it is impossible to answer it.


Somebody asked what you would name your pig if you owned one. Ok you can kind of see some sense in the question, but then how likely are you to own a pig in the first place to even have to consider naming it? They are not exactly the kind of pet that you have just sitting around and you cannot take them for a walk, so naming it is pretty pointless is it not?



What would your answer be to a question that asked: How do they do it? First, who is they? Second, what is it that they are doing? This is a question that is simply impossible to ask simply because you have no idea as to what is being asked in the first place. This is probably the most open ended question you could ever see online and it is a complete waste of time on your part.


Somebody actually asked if other people love playing with traffic? What kind of a question is that to ask? In what way can you play with traffic? What kind of answers were they expecting apart from ones that involved people being abusive towards them? It really is such a bizarre thing to ask even just a single person never mind throwing it open to the masses on a website.


12.4 o clock

Somebody asked others to post where they were going at 4pm the previous day and you do feel like that is a question posed by somebody that has some serious stalking potential. You do also wonder about the significance of 4pm and why did they choose that and not go for midday for example. Are they nosy? Will they have further requests about other times? Where could this question lead to next?


Somebody asked if anybody else loves the smell of gasoline or if they are the only one. You can imagine that so many people smell it at some point, but it does throw up this idea of the person sniffing their fuel tank on a regular basis. They cannot be the only person as there must be others out there that do this, just they do not boast about it online.


The question was if a person gets their money back on a coffin if they die and then spring back to life. At which point do you start to think about these kinds of questions in your life? Do they know somebody that this happened to and are seeking legal advice? You do wonder what their mind is playing at if they can conjure up this question.


The question was: Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves? This is weird, but at the same time it is quite a clever one to ask even though the answer is blindingly obvious. It does create this image in your mind of the dentist looking in their bathroom mirror and people are mistaking a chef cooking for themselves as then meaning every profession does the same.


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