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Weirdest Earrings Ever

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 11:17 am

1.Do you get a signal?

Well this is obviously the earring iPhone, but do you get a signal from it? They may look cool, but at the same time they are just weird to have as earrings and this has to have been the result of some designer who just had too much time on their hands.

2.The troll

When you see this photograph you just hope that these are earrings for children because surely no adult is ever going to consider wearing them no matter what the occasion may be? Sure they are bright, but you would be walking around with two trolls hanging off your ears and that is just not cool.


Scrabble is a cool game loved by millions, but surely it makes no sense to take the tiles and turn them into earrings? They just look wrong no matter the letters you use, so just keep those tiles on the board because now you are missing a J.

4.That cant be legal?

Surely this cannot be legal? Who in their right mind would want a pair of earrings that also have a small knife coming down out of them? At what point does this become useful? Is it when you are being robbed and fight back with your ear?

5.Red hot

Well these earrings might add some spice to your outfit. It does look as if somebody has just decided to hang two plastic chills to the bottom of a nicer pair of earrings, so is this earring sabotage going on here?


Well unless you work for the company and you are at a trade show is there any point in owning these earrings? You would need to be the biggest fan on this drink in the history of its existence to even consider wearing them.

7.Makes you hungry

Surely these earrings are going to make you feel very hungry indeed? You have to admit that they are very well designed and you just know that they would be fun to look at in more detail, but would you actually go ahead and wear them?


8.Controlling earrings

Surely even the biggest video game buff would think twice about actually wearing these earrings? They are very wacky indeed, but surely they are going to be out of place no matter where it is that you are going?

9.Hands on your ears

OK so they are not real hands, but you still wonder as to what the point is of these earrings because when are you ever going to be in a position where wearing these becomes an option? The only thing could be a medical thing as a student, but apart from that they will just sit in a drawer.


10.Fancy a cuppa?

This just seems like a seriously strange thing to choose to have as earrings. The thing that should worry you is that you might not know where it ends with kitchen implements. Will there be a toaster set coming out next?

11.Just horrible

You have to admit that this is absolutely horrible and why anybody would want to have that pressing against their face is something that very few people are going to be able to understand. It just looks disgusting and surely nobody would go ahead and buy them?


12.Star Trek?

The scary part about this earring is that it is going to be expensive, but in all honesty it makes you look as if you have ears like Spock from Star Trek. Surely you are going to be very disappointed by this and feel as if you have completely wasted your money?


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