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Weirdest Pencil Holders

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:45 pm


Pencil pushers are definitely an angry bunch. Luckily there are morbid dead men pencil holders available to make them feel better. The scary part here is the amount of detail that has gone into its creation.


This little hedgehog makes a great pencil holder, plus you'd make sure no pencils were lost. Since a hedgehog is not a hedgehog without his pencil spikes. This has to be the perfect pencil holder for children.

3.Kill Him!

This pencil holder is even better than the previous one. Once you are done with him just kill him? What was he guilty of? Did he drop your pen at one point?

4.Poor Guy!

This pencil holder is definitely for the angry pencil pusher. That way they get to stab the dude all day long. Surely it is harsh on him having one going through his head like that?


Everybody wants a pita bread filled with pencils and pens. Don't they? The only problem is coming home drunk one night and thinking you have food when in actual fact you don't.

6.Why Didn't We Think Of That?

Two bloodied hearts with gaping aorta openings to slide your pencils into. This could really step up the decor in your office and surely it is perfect for a doctor in the house?

7.The Pencil Butler

If you like the feeling of being waited on hand and foot, you can find a literal hand to pass you your pencils. This is actually quite cool and even though it is slightly strange at least it won't freak you out.


8.Old Wet Fish

If you like gutting fish, this pencil case would make a great addition to your office storage supplies. Whatever were they thinking? Who sat there and decided that this was a good idea?


This is very strange, but at the same time it is also rather funny. Imagine sitting there and coming up with the idea of having a pencil holder that represents a guy sitting on the toilet. It is either a stroke of genius or a touch of madness.


10.Strange Head Lead Holder

These head-like pencil holders can be made in your own image, or someone you love. Or dislike even! However, surely it would be a bit mad looking at the face of someone you know and sticking pencils in them?


For those that enjoy the more macabre side of life, this pencil holder will add a little joy to their office. Squeal and squelch as you stick your pencil in his skull!



This pencil holder might play around with your concentration at work! Oh do not get this if you are a teacher because that will take some explaining to the children in your class.

13.Take That!

This pencil holder might be enjoyed by girlfriends or wives who arrived at work angry at their other half. Alternatively you may wish to pretend it is your boss at work, but do be careful you do not break your pencil.


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