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15 Most Disturbing Family Secrets Ever Revealed By People

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 4:41 pm

Prepare yourself to read some of the wildest family secret confessions! These wild, dark and extreme family secrets are revealed to the world by none other than family members and their friends. Read about incestuous relationships, molestations, crimes and many more. Here are fifteen most bizarre and totally fucked up family secrets told by people on Reddit.
4.This F*cked up Secret

One time when camping an old friend of mine started crying and told me she had molested her niece. She said it happened once and she hates herself for it. Her niece was an infant at the time. We didn't hang out after that.

This F*cked up Secret-15 Most Disturbing Family Secrets Ever Revealed By People

5.That's How Psychological Disorders Begin

I was in a dollar store right by house and this Jamaican lady working there told me she had her sister killed and had pictures and asked if I wanted to see. I was like sure... (I thought to myself this is fucking nuts, no way, this situation can only get more interesting) She shows me her phone... Yep... no head... no hands... no feet... wtf that's crazy, I can't believe I just saw that, holy shit this is weird now.... lol It was like a year ago and I still think about it all the time... why did I say yes?

That's How Psychological Disorders Begin-15 Most Disturbing Family Secrets Ever Revealed By People

6.That's One Fucked Up Family

I come from a pretty fucked up family so I'll let you in on a few secrets and you can tell me which is the most fucked up.
-My uncle Geoff got high and killed his best friend, but since my grandpa was the police chief he only got a slap on the wrist.
-Uncle Geoff would sell his daughters to random men for drug money. His wife divorced him and took the girls. A few years later they were both pregnant from their stepdad, who is a preacher.
-My grandpa died of Aids but the family lied and said it was cancer because they didn't want to stain his reputation as an upstanding citizen. I still don't know how he got it, everyone pretends it never happened.

That's One Fucked Up Family-15 Most Disturbing Family Secrets Ever Revealed By People

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