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15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 4:51 pm

So, what's the scariest thing happened to you? Before you strain your mind, and try to dig all the bad things happened to you, read the stories of these fifteen people who revealed the scariest thing happened to them. Life's mysterious. We don’t know what happens to us in the very next minute. Life's a mix of good and bad experiences. No one can escape those bad moments. We all have them. You must consider yourself lucky if you don't have a story as scary as these fifteen people. 
4.When a Toddler Goes Missing

My son was about two at the time. Really into walking and climbing by then. I left the room for a few minutes to do something and came back to find that he was gone. Not a trace of him anywhere.
We had a really small apartment then, so there weren't many places he could go -- I checked his room, closet, the bathroom, kitchen, tore open cabinet doors, all while calling him loudly: nothing. I finally opened the front door (and I am totally terrified by now) and walked outside, casing our entire building to see if I could find his yellow footie-pajama'd self toddling around. I yelled his name several times. Nothing.
I went back in the house, ready to call the police, when I hear a rustling coming from next to one of our arm chairs. I look down and see him intently shuffling through a bunch of papers in the little nook between the side of the recliner and the side table. He'd basically found himself a cubby and camped out quietly while his mother was absolutely losing her shit.
The worst part of it might have been the very calm "Problem?" look on his face when I finally discovered him. Little troll.

When a Toddler Goes Missing-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

5.Not Going There Again, Never!

I went on a hike with some friends on a remote trail. The property was owned by homeland security but was open to hikers. We went to the top of the mountain and smoked a couple bowls next thing you know six cop cars are at the bottom of the trail, and a police helicopter is hovering over us, we freak out and decide to go down the trail to the police cars like nothing happened. The police questioned us then told us if we had seen anything suspicious, turns out a group of three teenagers raped a woman( we were a group of four) she then passed by in a police car to identify us. Our future depended on this woman's portrayal of who she saw rape her. She said we weren't the rapists, and we were let go... still scary as shit.

Not Going There Again, Never!-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

6.Shit Just Got Real

I met up with a guy from an online BDSM site. Talked on the phone, then met him in public, felt a great connection, took him home after we talked for over 3 hours.
My roommate was home, but in her room. He overpowered me fast (which we had discussed), but right before he covered my face with a pillow, he snarled in my ear "your mistake was that your roommate never saw my face!" The way he said it told me that I was about to die. I felt so much self-rage for getting myself into this.
Then, darkness and limited breathing as he fucked me. We had talked about safe words, which I clearly couldn't say with a damn pillow over my head. He apologized afterward for getting too into the moment. Wtf.

Shit Just Got Real-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

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