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15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 4:51 pm

So, what's the scariest thing happened to you? Before you strain your mind, and try to dig all the bad things happened to you, read the stories of these fifteen people who revealed the scariest thing happened to them. Life's mysterious. We don’t know what happens to us in the very next minute. Life's a mix of good and bad experiences. No one can escape those bad moments. We all have them. You must consider yourself lucky if you don't have a story as scary as these fifteen people. 
7.This Horrible Childhood Story

When I was eight years old, another kid tried to stab me to death. I was stabbed repeatedly and was sure that I was going to die.
I had put my hands up to cover my face and was stabbed several times in my hands. I had my left thumb almost completely severed.
During the attack I was in shock, so I didn't notice the pain. I just kept looking the kid in the eyes. There was no anger, no emotion. He was expressionless. That was the most terrifying part. He would not have stopped on his own. He had to be pulled off me.
It took years to regain full movement in my hands and my wounds still ache when the weather changes.
I don't know what happened to that kid. I know he was sent away after that.

This Horrible Childhood Story-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

8.Sleep Paralyses Is No Joke

I get sleep paralysis and and a few nights ago I got it again. It's basically where your body is asleep but your mind is awake. I was laying on my right side and unable to move, and then I started hearing whispers in my left ear. They got louder and louder until it felt like my eardrum exploded. I finally was able to move about a minute later, and found nothing was wrong with my ear. This all happened in pitch black darkness. Shit was terrifying.

Sleep Paralyses Is No Joke-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

9.Ghost? Really?

One time when i was 12 and we were on vacation in new york, I was sleeping in the hotel. I woke up when I felt watched. When i opened my eyes and i saw a black shadow looking down at me. I got terrified, But could not do anything. Soon it left and I broke down crying.
That is the time I began believing in ghosts.

Ghost? Really?-15 People Confess The Scariest Thing Happened To Them

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