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15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:46 am

A world record is a unique feat a person or group of individuals achieve by doing something no other individual or group has done before. World records are mostly associated with sports. Publications like Guinness World Records have popularized the concept of world records. We got to say that the golden era of world records is over. The world records concept has become a subject of laughter these days that you too can achieve one by standing on a wall with one leg, smoking the most number of cigarettes! Or, wear as many underwears as possible while you are running! Jokes aside, we have fifteen unusual and sexy world records here that are worth taking a look! 
1.Oldest Pornstar

The oldest porn star is actually a Japanese guy called Shigeo Tokuda who was born in 1934. He has now been in 250 different movies even though he turns 80 years old this year.

Oldest Pornstar-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

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2.Strongest Vagina - Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Tatyana Kozhevnikova has the strongest vagina in the world. She set a world record sometime back by lifting 31 pounds (14 KGs) of deadweight with her vaginal muscles! She began lifting small weights. Her daily practice strengthened her privates to withstand a huge weight of 31 lbs. She inserts a gag ball kind of thing in her vagina and hooks a dumbbell to its strap. She holds the ball firmly inside the vagina while lifting the weight up. If you are a girl, you will clearly understand the woman's strength! If you are a man, and if you think this woman will be amazing in bed, let us remind you that her insane vaginal strength can crush a penis like a hydraulic press!

Strongest Vagina - Tatyana Kozhevnikova-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

3.The Longest Pubic Hair-Maoni Vi

Thankfully there is no photograph evidence here, but the longest pubic hair to have ever been recorded is attached to a woman called Maoni Vi who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Can you guess the length of her pubes? She has hair that has been measured at a staggering 28 inches (0.7 meters) long! 
Most women hate pubic hair. They have every reason in the world to hate the pubic hair. A female's vulva is a moist place. In addition to being moist, it is also an outlet for many kinds of secretions including menstrual blood. The hair on vulva complicates things, and at times leads to bad hygiene which is one of the reason you shouldn't shave your pubes.
Most men, on the other hand, prefer a little bit of hair on females' privates. Irrespective of what men and women think, pubic hair is something that doesn't suit modern people lifestyle. 

4.Female Orgasms In An Hour

This is going to put men to shame, but while the record for male orgasms in an hour is 16 that is nothing compared to the record for women. This record stands at 134 in a single hour and boy that is one record that no guy is ever going to be able to get close to.

Female Orgasms In An Hour-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

5.Longest Orgasm

William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson were considered pioneers of the sexual and reproductive studies. Together, they unearthed many secrets and interesting facts about human sexuality. While researching about human orgasms, the two scientists met a woman who told them that she was experiencing very long orgasms. They quickly recorded her body changes like contractions and brain activity during the orgasm, and the findings indeed proved that the woman had a 43-second orgasm. This record was unique because it was the single longest orgasm, and the woman was not suffering from any health condition.

Longest Orgasm-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

6.Biggest Orgy

The world's biggest orgy took place in Japan, thanks to the 250 couples who participated in it! Soft on Demand, a Japanese adult video company, organized the event in 2006. The company made a 130-minute video of the orgy, which later won it a special jury award from AV Open (Japanese adult awards). Surprisingly, all the 500 people were complete strangers. Another shocking fact about this orgy is that all those 500 participants were college students! The orgy was choreographed to look like a military step. Unsurprisingly it happened in Japan!

Biggest Orgy-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

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7.Most Ajaculations In An Hour

The most ejaculations in an hour by a guy stands at 16 and men around the world are once again trying to work out how that is even possible. Surely he was exhausted by the end of it all?

Most Ajaculations In An Hour-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records


8.Farthest ejaculation

This is a world record that guys would probably love to beat, but the farthest ejaculation stands at an amazing 18 feet. How on earth did he manage to get it that far because that is just an absolutely ridiculous length.

Farthest ejaculation-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

9.Largest vagina

This is going to make people wince in pain, but the biggest vagina ever recorded belonged to a woman in Scotland. When she gave birth she managed to do so naturally even though the head of the baby was a mind boggling 19 inches in diameter and can you just imagine the pain she was in?

Largest vagina-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records


10.Smallest Penis - Medically verified

The smallest penis that has ever been medically verified is 0.39 inches long and it was due to the fact that with this guy most of the penis was actually kind of stuck inside his body. There is also another medical condition out there that can result in a guy not being very well endowed.

Smallest Penis - Medically verified-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

11.Biggest Penis- Medically verified

The biggest penis that has been medically verified stands at 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches wide. It was actually measured by a Dr Dickinson and there just seems to be something cool about that fact.


12.The Most Children Fathered

Records state that the most children fathered by the one guy is 1,042. This was in the 17th century and the record is held by Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif and it was thanks to his harem of 500 women. He was one busy and potent guy.

The Most Children Fathered-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

13.Largest Natural Breasts

Annie Hawkins is an American woman who currently holds the Guinness record for being the woman with largest natural breasts in the world. Her breasts are measured at 43 inches (top of the chest to bottom; vertical), and 70 inches (back to the nipple; horizontal). She uses a 52I bra, which is also the largest bra in the world! She said her breasts started growing when she was 9, and she firmly believes that they never really stopped growing!

Largest Natural Breasts-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

14.World's Longest Kiss

Kissing is fun, but we aren't sure it can be fun when a couple kisses each other for hours together without taking a break. Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand kissed each other continuously for 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds! This is so far the world's longest kiss.

World's Longest Kiss-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records

15.Farthest Distance Climbed Inverted Up A Pole

Pole dancing is an art. Many men around the world appreciate it!  Nele Bruckmann, a German professional pole dancer climbed (inverted) 31 feet up in one minute, and achieved a Guinness world record. Remember her name, if you are planning to visit Germany sometime soon. Don't forget to pack binoculars in your luggage!

Farthest Distance Climbed Inverted Up A Pole-15 Unusual And Sexy World Records


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