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12 Images That Show A Beard Makes You Look Different

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 7:20 am

Facial hair is one of the few distinctive features of male human beings that separate them from their female counterparts. Men did not practice the habit of shaving for thousands of years. Egyptian men started to shave somewhere around 3000 BC. They used seashells as tweezers to pluck out the hair follicles of their beard. This shaving procedure was very painful, which made a lot of men stay away from it. The Egyptians invented better tools in the later years. Alexander the Great popularized the concept of shaving. He asked the men of his kingdom to shave and look tidy. Today, most men in the world shave. There has been a long and never-ending debate on whether or not men should shave. Let us quickly check these 15 celebrities with and without facial hair pictures, and see if men look good with or without their beard and mustache.

#1 Robert De Niro

Boy does he change when you put a beard on him. He suddenly does not look as tough when he has facial hair and you can see why it really does not work for him in the vast majority of movies that he has ever made in his career.

Robert De Niro-12 Images That Show A Beard Makes You Look Different



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