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Best Sheldon Cooper Quotes

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 3:05 pm

1.Star Wars

This quote probably sums up the geek in him and you have to agree that having Darth Vader staring at you really would be quite worrying. However, the fact he bought them in the first place does tell you a few things about him and helps to show the kind of character that he really is.

2.St Valentine

You get the feeling that he is not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day when you read this quote as he does understand the meaning of the day, but destroys that idea anyway. Once again it shows how he loves to take things to be factual rather than what we project onto it, so do not expect any cards soon.


There is a sense of sarcasm as well as confidence with this quote because you just know that he means every single word he says. He would be confused at the idea of somebody saying he was wrong and ultimately you also know that he is not wrong very often at all.

4.His genitals

He does not come across as the most sexual person, so this line is typical him even down to the fact that he refers to them as genitals. He certainly has a way with words and the idea of them being esthetically pleasing is certainly a strange one.

5.Memory impairment

How true is this particular quote from Sheldon? Ok it is not just a vodka bottle, but it is still a very fair point that he is making and it is one that you just cannot disagree with at all. Sheldon is clearly a very wise man among us silly people. & chocolate

There is always a hint of sarcasm behind most of what Sheldon says and this is a perfect example. Once again you can just hear his voice as you read it and know that he is really sounding very, very cheeky as he discusses two things we generally love.

7.The sandwich

Be honest, after this you will have to work hard not to say half sandwich thanks to Sheldon giving you a completely new way of looking at things. Yes he is technically correct in what he says, but only he could put it across in this way and get the reaction that he does.


8.Game destroyed

This is taking a simple game a step too far and trying to analyze it when in actual fact that does not have to happen. However, would you ever expect anything else from Sheldon? Is this not classic him by just taking things a bit too far and doing so in such a funny way?

9.Stupid people

You just know that he gets a bit mad and sad at people not being as clever as him, but then that is most people as very few have the same way of looking at things as Sheldon. You can almost feel his frustration at all of this, but that just makes the quote better.



This is another example of taking one saying, or in this case the line from a song, and destroying it due to being technically inaccurate. You have to admit that he excels at this kind of thing and you will now never listen to that song in the same way ever again.


This is classic Sheldon in that he takes a normal saying and completely rips it apart in the way he knows best. Yes we all know that love is not actually in the air, but we enjoy saying it until Sheldon gets his way and destroys the image forever.



This has to be one of the best quotes Sheldon has ever come out with and you just know you are sitting reading it and doing so in his voice. The fact she had him tested just gives him that extra edge when people say he is mad as he has the proof that it is not the case.


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