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Celebrities & Their Pornstar Lookalikes

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 12:06 pm

Two types of people that are popular on internet are celebrities and pornstars. Some people say there is no difference between the two as the both can do anything for money but we are not here to judge that, we are here to show you how similar do some of them actually look in appearance. Here are 15 celebrities and their pornstar lookalikes.
4.Nicole Kidman Vs. Diane Deluna

Nicole Kidman and Diane Deluna seems as though they descended from the same ancestors. Even without the big red curly hair, these two women have almost the same facial features. Not only does Diane Deluna bear a striking resemblance toNicole Kidman, but she also looks a lot like actress Amy Adams as well.

Nicole Kidman Vs. Diane Deluna-Celebrities & Their Pornstar Lookalikes

5.Scarlett Johansson Vs. Jeanie Marie Sullivan

Scarlett Johansson has been named one of the most gorgeous women in the world for the past several years. Her doppelganger, however, has never made the list. pornstar Jeanie Marie Sullivan has a similar look to the actress. Even though Jeanie Marie Sullivan is a gorgeous woman in her own right, she still isn't Hollywood elite like Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson Vs. Jeanie Marie Sullivan-Celebrities & Their Pornstar Lookalikes

6.Jaime Pressly and Jesse Jane

Jaime Pressly has always been a blonde bombshell, but she's got a little competition these days. Pressly's mirror image is none other than pornstar Jesse Jane. Pressly was considered a unique beauty until Jane came along. From their head down to their feet, both women possess the same exact features.

Jaime Pressly and Jesse Jane-Celebrities & Their Pornstar Lookalikes

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