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12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:35 am

Celebrity relationships are mysterious! They are fascinating. We never know which two stars will fall in love tomorrow, out of nowhere! They are unpredictable. We can never tell when, why and what for a celebrity couple splits! Let's shed light on some unique celebrity relationships. How often have you come across people who married the same person twice? We aren't sure how frequently you are likely to meet them, but there are a bunch of celebrities who already did that. Yes, what you are about to read now are 12 interesting stories of celebrities who remarried their exes!

#8 Larry King And Alene Akins

Larry King married seven different women on eight occasions, which means he married a woman twice. Mr King married Alene Akins, a Playboy bunny, in 1961. The couple lived together for two years before parting ways in 1963. They had a son named Andy King from the marriage. The couple remarried in 1967, and this time, they had spent five years together before filing for a divorce in 1972. This time, Larry King fathered a baby girl, Chaia King. Alene Akins stands at the third and fifth place on the list of Larry King's eight wives! 

Larry King And Alene Akins-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes



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