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12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes

Monday, Mar 22, 2021, 8:43 am

Most of us relate diabetes to overweight, sedentary lifestyle, and bad eating habits. If you too are one of those people who have this kind of misconception on the disease, you need to change it now! Diabetes can strike anyone, even an active athlete or a slim and attractive celebrity. You now will know the names of the 12 celebrities who have been suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Most of these celebrities are young and look too fit to be a diabetic person. The good thing is that the stars have been trying their best to stay healthy. They have been educating people on the dangers of the malady, and ways to reduce the risk of catching it.

#10 George Lucas

Multimillionaire George Lucas was just 23 years old when he found out he had been suffering from type 2 diabetes. Becoming the United States Air Force officer was his dream. He couldn't become one as he received far too many speeding tickets during his younger years. However, the United States Army drafted him for the Vietnam War but dropped him at the last moment because his medical tests showed he had diabetes. The 72-year-old Star Wars creator and billionaire celebrity said to have inherited the disease from his paternal grandfather. George Lucas set a great example for millions of diabetic patients around the world by keeping his blood sugars levels under control for about 50 long years. 

George Lucas-12 Celebrities You Probably Don't Know Have Diabetes



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