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15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 5:38 am

Prom is a special moment in every student's life. No wonder the high school students eagerly wait for the prom season. Prom day is the only thing that makes high school students feel like attending school in spring! It is a memorable and satisfying moment because you realize you do not need to care about your high school anymore. Well, at least that day! Since our celebrities went to high school just like us, they have their fair share of prom day memories as well. Do you want to see some rare and unseen celebrity prom photos? Check them now. You will be surprised to see how simple our stars used to look when they were not that famous! 
1.Lady Gaga Prom Date Photo

One of the six girls in this picture is a celebrity. Can you guess who she is? We think you should not take too much time to find the celeb! The girl who was wearing the teal-colored sundress is none other than the 'Fame Monster' Lady Gaga! She looks like a girl-next-door in this photo. Remember, she was not Lady Gaga at that time! Her friends and family members used to call her Stefani. Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Although Gaga looks very simple in this picture, she says she has been an eccentric person right from her childhood!

Lady Gaga Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

2.Ellen DeGeneres Prom Date Photo

This Ellen DeGeneres prom date photo began making rounds on the social networking websites sometime in the past. The photo was taken in 1976 when she was studying at a high school in the city of Atlanta, Texas. We think she looks a little weird in her plaid dress. She did not like the dress, either. Her hairstyle looks interesting, though. In May 2008, Ellen DeGeneres reunited with her prom date, wearing the same infamous plaid dress again!  Not many people are aware of the reunion.

Ellen DeGeneres Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

3.Britney Spears Prom Date Photo

Check this rare and unseen prom picture of Britney Spears when she was young. She looks beautiful in her red maxi. This picture is a pure gold to all the Britney’s fans. The ‘Baby One More Time’ star is all set to steal your heart once again with her incredibly cute prom photo!

Britney Spears Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

4.Jennifer Aniston In Her Prom Dress

This is Jennifer Aniston's rare prom photo, taken when she was in Rudolf Steiner School. She went to the prom with a junior named Clemens Wust. She looks nothing like the Jennifer Aniston we all know! She is pretty and looks like an average awkward and confused teen!

Jennifer Aniston In Her Prom Dress-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

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5.Jessica Alba Prom Date Photo

Jessica looks very pretty in her prom photo. She wore a nice black and white colored gown. This picture was taken seventeen years ago. If reports in the internet are to be believed, Jessica Alba has dated the man in this picture. They both called it quits right after prom day was ended. 

Jessica Alba Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

6.Rihanna Prom Date Photo

It's Rihanna's turn now! You will love this picture of Rihanna with her prom date on prom day. She looks good, and wore a nice dress too. Her dress kind of got lost in background, or otherwise it would look even better! We are seeing lots of random men as celebrity prom dates. We wonder what all these men are doing now!

Rihanna Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

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7.Adam Levine Prom Photo

Well, the 90s fashion was written all over the couple's dresses. Their dresses look very similar. Adam Levine's tux looks almost same as his date's dress! A white tuxedo with coattails? Can you imagine someone wearing that today?! His prom date wore dark lipstick and dark nail color. That was another popular fashion trend in the 90s. The couple might have received so many compliments from people for being the most fashionable couple at that time. The photo was taken during the prom season in 1996 at the Brentwood School in Los Angeles, CA.

Adam Levine Prom Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos


8.George Clooney With His Prom Date

Now, this is a rare and interesting photo of George Clooney. This is George Clooney on prom day with his prom date Lauri Laycock. Recently, George Clooney talked about this photo in a TV interview, where he told his date's name and whereabouts.

George Clooney With His Prom Date-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

9.Brad Pitt Prom Date Photo

Brad Pitt looks classy in his prom day photo. His prom date looks pretty too. Her name is Tonya Westphalen, and she was Brad Pitt's first girlfriend. In an interview given to a magazine in the past, Tonya revealed some interesting details about her relationship with Brad Pitt. She said she loved Brad Pitt very much. According to Tonya, Brad Pitt liked her a lot too. However, their relationship did not last long. Brad Pitt left her for another girl named Becky. He did not exactly cheat on Tonya, but he ignored and left her. Tonya Westphalen said she cried a lot when she learned about Brad Pitt dating another girl.

Brad Pitt Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos


10.Usher Prom Date Photo

Fans of Usher; this picture is for you! Though he looks like little confused, he will still win his fans hearts with this prom photo of him. Unfortunately, there’s not much information available anywhere about who that lady was. Nevertheless, it’s a cool unseen and rare Usher prom picture.

Usher Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

11.Taylor Swift In Her High School Prom Date

The long wait is finally over for Taylor Swift fans. Here’s photo of Taylor Swift with her prom date. We don’t know many details about Taylor Swift’s prom date, as she herself declined to comment on her high school photos saying that they aren’t cool at all! 

Taylor Swift In Her High School Prom Date-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

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12.Sandra Bullock Prom Date Photo

She has that celebrity thing written all over her smile even before becoming one! Folks, this is Sandra Bullock on her prom night at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia. This photo was taken in the year 1982. Sandra looks gorgeous, right?

Sandra Bullock Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

13.Snoop Dogg Prom Date Photo

Snoop Dogg looks cute in this rare and unseen prom picture. There is not much information available about the girl in this picture. Nevertheless, Snoop Dogg’s fans will like this picture. This is one of the coolest celebrity prom pictures.

Snoop Dogg Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

14.Will Ferrell Prom Date Photo

Will Ferrell is a comedian even before he become a celebrity actor and comedian! This funny prom picture of Will will make everybody laugh. He made himself a ‘prom queen’ with a nice queen crown on head. 

Will Ferrell Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos

15.Beyonce Prom Date Photo

Beyonce looks incredibly beautiful even in younger days. She was with her prom date Lyndall Locke in this photo. She dated him for sometime before he cheated on her! Yes, this crazy guy cheated on Beyonce. He must be one of the world’s most unluckiest people!

Beyonce Prom Date Photo-15 Rare Unseen Celebrity Prom Photos


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