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12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 6:41 am

Skin show is something that all celebrities do. It is part and parcel of their profession. We keep seeing them in revealing and provocative dresses. Sometimes, things go out of control, and our Hollywood stars slip out a little more flesh than needed. What you are about to see on the topic are the photographs of 12 famous Hollywood celebrities in see-through clothes. Oh boy, they had dressed very boldly! Brace yourself to see some of the hottest and curvaceous semi-nude celebrity bodies! Alert: There's a male celeb in the list as well!
1.Seth Meyers

Just to show you that it's not only female celebs that wear revealing clothes, here is Seth Meyers doing it for the guys. You know what? On second thoughts it is perhaps best to leave it to the women.

Seth Meyers-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

2.Nicole Scherzinger

The only time Nicole Scherzinger wore a dress that could be called see-through was when she went braless for a sexy photo shoot in 2015. The 38-year-old American-Filipino singer looked smoking hot in a see-through crop top, as she put her big bosoms on display. Scherzinger did the photo shoot shortly after parting ways with her longtime love, Lewis Hamilton. She was probably trying to make a statement with what could be one of her hottest photoshoots ever. Much to the disappointment of few guys, she wore pasties to keep her pokies from showing up!  

Nicole Scherzinger-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

3.Sharon Stone

In 2012, Sharon Stone walked the red carpet wearing this see-through dress. As she didn't wear pasties, her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer top. Her fashion choice caused a bit of stir as many critics called her dress age-inappropriate. A few media franchises reported the "Basic Instinct" star's outfit as wardrobe malfunction! Whether or not that was a celebrity wardrobe malfunction is up to her fans to decide. Regardless, even at the age of 58 years, she looks much more beautiful than many of the younger girls of the current generation!

Sharon Stone-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

4.Charlize Theron

The Academy award winner Charlize Theron is yet another Hollywood actress who wears gracefully well and slays the red carpet with incredibly hot looks and sophisticated fashion choice. The 40-year-old Oscar-winning South African and American actress bared her body numerous times in her movies, but she doesn't prefer wearing revealing clothes at least when it comes to walking the red carpet. She attended the "Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)" premiere in the United Kingdom, wearing this Christian Dior see-through dress. The dress is probably not the best when it comes to revealing the "Hancock" actress's body. Nonetheless, it's still a see-through dress!

Charlize Theron-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

5.Cheryl Cole

Glamour Magazine named Cheryl Cole as the best-dressed female celebrity in 2009 and 2010 consecutively. Although the X-Factor judge is known for wearing elegant and classic dresses on the red carpet, she, at times, wears shockingly erotic outfits!  This photo of Cheryl Cole in sheer-fronted mini shocked not only the onlookers but also many of her fans when she wore it in 2009 on her birthday. The $5000 Alexander McQueen Dress revealed what the "Girls Aloud" star had been hiding for years! This picture is an absolute treat to watch if you are disappointed with Cheryl for turning down the Playboy offer. 

Cheryl Cole-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

6.Lady Gaga

The biggest surprise is finding pictures of Lady Gaga when she is not revealing something as she seems to be at it all of the time with her bizarre outfits. This one is about as blatant as you can get as it really does not leave much to be hidden.

Lady Gaga-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

7.Kate Moss

This supermodel does seem to have a bit of a habit of wearing things that are see-through both on and off the catwalk, so it is not as if we are seeing anything new. However, due to being a model she does seem to be able to carry it off quite well just as you would expect her to do.

Kate Moss-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes



"The Black Eyed Peas" star Fergie has worn sheer dresses several times throughout her career. As a female artist, she, at times, needs to wear eccentric outfits. Fergie is known for her huge breast implants and her exquisite fashion choices. She doesn't really look wacky even after wearing those see-through or revealing clothes. In 2011, Fergie performed at the Roman Abramovich's $6 million New Year boat party.  She wore this black see-through kaftan, giving people a full sight of her sexy bikini body and booty! She attended the party with her husband Josh Duhamel, and the couple reportedly had a great time together. 

Fergie-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

Fergie-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

9.Anne Hathaway

Now, this is what people call a real see-through dress! This outfit came out as a shock to her fans as they never saw Anne Hathaway in bold dresses, at least off screen. Anne Hathaway has acted in many nude sex scenes in her movies, but she too is one of those Hollywood actresses who don't usually walk the red carpet wearing revealing clothes. As you can see in the photo, Anne Hathaway's pokies were on full display. It seems the "Interstellar" star had no problems whatsoever in showing off her assets! 

Anne Hathaway-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes


10.Miley Cyrus

What? Is that even a dress?! but upon a close inspection, you will realize that Miley Cyrus was indeed wearing an entirely see-through plastic slip dress!  She caused a bit of stir with her weird outfits at the 2015 MTV VMAs. She wore 11 outfits, and all of them including the one you see in the picture were wacky!  We firmly believe that this particular drug pastille inspired dress is the most bizarre see-through dress ever worn by a celebrity at the VMAs. Apparently, Miley has some die hard fans who admire her feet as well. Well, she at least covered her crotch with a tape or otherwise the outfit would have been more scandalous!

Miley Cyrus-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes

11.Melody Thornton

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton flaunted her breasts and buttocks at the ELLE's Women in Music event, held in 2012. Her nipples were on full display, as the star didn't wear pasties. The dress looks like a Jane dress, but it had an odd extension up to the ankle. She didn't bother wearing underwear either. Her bums were on full display too! The good thing is that there was at least some kind of a pattern on the dress, or otherwise the dress would have looked more awkward. 

Melody Thornton-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes



Rihanna's nipples are as recognizable as her face these days! The 28-year-old Barbadian singer has been flashing her tits a lot lately. It looks like the pop sensation is an ardent supporter of the #FREETHENIPPLE movement! Not to mention Rihanna's feet Admirers on the internet. She shocked her fans in 2014 when she wore this sparkly see-through dress at the 2014 CFDA Awards, giving people a full sight of her breasts and buttocks! Since then, she has appeared wearing bold see-through tops on multiple occasions. She flashed her nipples in her recent music video, "Work." Earlier this year (2016), she wore a shockingly revealing top at a fashion show after-party in Paris.  

Rihanna-12 Celebrities Who Were Spotted Wearing See-Through Clothes


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