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Celebs Who Were Caught Cheating

Saturday, Feb 22, 2020, 9:09 am

1.Kobe Bryant

Not only has Kobe been unfaithful to his beautiful wife, but he has been on a number of occasions. He has even been charged with sexual assault. Venessa has stood by her man despite her hurt. Perhaps this is part of the problem?


2.Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie is a shadow of his former self. The once lean and mean movie making machine is now just a middle-aged guy that screwed up. Married to Maria Shriver one of America's most well known families he decided to have a love child with the maid. What were you thinking Arnold?

3.Jesse James

Jesse was married to Sandra Bullock Hollywood's sweetheart when he slept with Michelle McGee. He also later went on to seeing Kat Von D whom he also cheated on. James seems to like heavily tattooed women and also women who act in porn. Perhaps Sandra was just far too classy for him? When she heard of his indiscretions she promptly divorced him and moved on. Classy act Miss Bullock!


4.Ashton Kutcher

Ashton doesn't seem to know when he has a good thing going. He cheated on then wife Demi Moore, which both shocked and hurt her. Then after they split it seems that he cannot keep faithful to anyone as more and more stories are surfacing regards the young star and his way-ward ways.

5.Jude Law

Jude Law and Sienna Miller were Britain's glamour couple. Despite their matching lifestyles and good looks Jude couldn't resist having an affair with the nanny! The nanny, by all accounts is just a regular girl. They tried to hide their lust, but the press got inkling of it. Since then Sienna has tried to get over the breech of trust but so far not so good.


6.Meg Ryan

Meg and Dennis Quaid were happily married for years until Russell Crowe came along. The actress seemed smitten with the rugged Crowe and even divorced Quaid at high speed. The relationship between her and Crowe fizzled out a few months later. Regrets Meg?

7.Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt although happily married to Jennifer Aniston at the time fell in love with Angelina Jolie whilst the pair were making movie together. Despite trying to hide their indiscretions the media caught them and this is how Jennifer heard the news. Today they are still together and seemingly happy. What Angelina probably needs to know is what goes around comes around.


8.Kristen Stewart

No one expected Kristen to cheat on her lover Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame. Kristen fell in lust with Rupert Sanders a former colleague and ex director she worked with. Although Robert forgave Kristen the pair did eventually split for good last May.

9.Jason Aldean

Despite being America's country darling and also finally marrying his childhood sweetheart, Jason just couldn't say no to wandering outside of the marriage. Brittany Kerr, American Idol contestant and he were snapped in all sorts of sneaky photo's trying to cuddle up and be together in secret. Aldean realizing what a dirty rotten scoundrel he seemed, tried to apologize publicly, but the marriage failed anyway.



The material girl doesn't seem to be able to settle down. Despite being happily married to Guy Ritchie a British producer she was caught sneaking off to her New York city apartment with a new lover. Wow! What a distance to travel. The object of her lust was Alex Rodriguez. Ritchie wanted a split and took a hefty settlement of nearly $100 million for his woes. Not bad for a man scorned!

11.Ryan Philippe

Although married to the lovely Reece Witherspoon and happily too, Ryan was tempted outside of the marriage. He was caught frolicking with co-star Abby Cornish from Cruel Intentions. Reece ended up kicking his cheating butt out.


12.Le Ann Rimes

LeAnn Rimes fell in love with her co star whilst filming Northern lights. The two met and just seemed to fall madly in love. The paparazzi managed to get all sorts of sneaked pics of the two making out and trying to be together without anyone finding out. The affair broke up both of their marriages and caused loads of heartbreak. Both her and Eddie Cibrian admit that they wish they had not caused so much pain, but that they are happy together today.


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