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15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

Sunday, Jul 19, 2020, 11:56 am

Did you know that there are over dozen celebrities who have twins? You may know a few names, but there are many celeb twins you don't know. Twins are cool! We all have wished to have our twin at some part of our life. Hey, think of a person whom you know has a twin brother or sister? We bet you know both of them very well although only one of them is your friend. The bond between twins is special. Coming back to the topic, it's now the time to check fifteen celebrity twins you probably don't know exist. Some of them look very identical! 
1.The Ribisi twins

Giovanni is of course a cool actor who has appeared in Contraband. His sister, called Marissa, is not actually famous in her own right, but she is married to the famous musician Beck. She has appeared in some shows and movies, but only small parts and nothing major, while as this picture shows she has also ventured into the world of fashion while her famous twin keeps on acting his way up the ladder in Hollywood.

The Ribisi twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

2.The Ronson twins

This shows how different two twins can actually look with Sam and Charlotte Ronson. Sam is now famous for being the ex of Lindsay Lohan while Charlotte is starting to make major strides forward in the world of fashion design with her clothes being worn by the likes of Mischa Barton and Gwen Stefani. It appears as if she will now surpass her twin as being the most famous out of the two of them.

The Ronson twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

3.The Reyes twins

These twins look alike and in actual fact their careers have also resulted in following similar paths in what must be some strange twin link-up. Judy does of course appear in Scrubs where she plays Nurse Carla, but her twin, Joselin, appeared in Law & Order for 15 seasons where she played a paramedic. In actual fact she did also appear in Scrubs, but just for one episode, where she appeared as the sister of her real life sister.

The Reyes twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

4.The Green twins

This is Eva Green with her twin Joy and as you can see they are not identical. Both are happy in what they do as Eva is busy being a movie star, while Joy prefers to have a quieter life and rears horse for a living. There is no sense of Joy being upset that her twin is so successful and famous and indeed she chose to have that quieter lifestyle rather than all of the things that Hollywood can offer.

The Green twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

5.Vin diesel

This is not a joke, but Vin diesel does have a twin called Paul Vincent, but as you can see they are not identical and one is certainly more famous than the other. They both work in movies, but Vin has had the more success perhaps because he looks more like a movie star than his less famous twin although Paul is now a director. They also have another sister, but luckily for her she does not look like them.

Vin diesel-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

6.The Heder twins

As if having Jon Heder was not enough, then you suddenly discover that he has an identical twin brother and that they still do that twin thing of pretending to be each other in order to confuse people. Both work in Hollywood with Jon acting, well kind of acting, and his brother, Dan, works in visual effects and making things look all spectacular.

The Heder twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

7.The Kutcher twins

This is Ashton and his twin Michael and the bond between them is apparently very close. Michael was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and apparently Ashton has helped to look after him as much as possible. Yes they may not be identical, but they do have that bond that only twins can have and there appears to be no sense of jealousy from the less famous brother at all.

The Kutcher twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know


8.The Brendon twins

Nicholas Brendon has of course appeared in Buffy, but his twin is so identical that at certain points he actually stood in for him and nobody even noticed, well apart from the director who told them to do it. His twin, called Kelly, is not as famous as him, but he does try his hand at acting every now and again without too much success, but at least he can steal the roles for his brother by merely turning up in person on set.

The Brendon twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

9.The Kaneswaran twins

The guy on the left is called Siva and he is in a British boy band called The Wanted. The guy on the right is his twin, and he really is identical, called Kumar. The resemblance really is amazing with these two guys and if they dressed identical, then you would be confused as to who was who and would probably have to just guess all of the time. This is about as identical as identical gets.

The Kaneswaran twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know


10.The Sutherland twins

How many people knew that Kiefer had a twin? Quite a few people actually and here she is, Rachel, and she also works in Hollywood just behind the camera and not in front of it like him. She actually works in post-production where she is a supervisor and technically speaking she is the youngest as he was apparently born seven minutes before her.

The Sutherland twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

11.The Morissette twins

Believe it or not, but this is Alanis with her twin brother called Wade, but you would perhaps not even be aware of them being twins until this point. Wade is a struggling musician as well as a yoga instructor, but he has certainly not hit the heights of his more famous twin. As an aside, there kids also share the same middle name although why they do that is a mystery.

The Morissette twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

12.The Carter twins

This is Aaron and Angel Carter and they are actually twins. They do also have a famous big brother, Nick, who was in the Backstreet Boys and Aaron did have some success as a singer when he was younger. They do all have that same family look about them, so you would know that they were related just the main talent in the family appeared to just go to their older brother.

The Carter twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

13.The Sprouse twins

OK this is going to be one that you already know about with Dylan and Cole Sprouse since they have appeared in their own show together and are actually both as equally famous as the other one. They are identical, as you can see, and at least there will be no jealousy between them unlike others where one twin is famous and the other is basically nobody.

The Sprouse twins-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

14.The Johanssons

This is Scarlett with her twin, Hunter, and in actual fact they did appear together in a movie called "Manny & Lo" although he did just have a minor part compared to his twin. They do share some certain characteristics when you look closely at them, but you would perhaps not guess that they were twins until somebody pointed it out and indeed few people were even aware of it up until now.

The Johanssons-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know

15.The Bundchens

Yes Gisele Bundchen does have a twin, called Patricia, and in actual fact they have another four sisters in their family. They may not be absolutely identical, but they are very similar and you would know that they were related and Patricia is also quite hot just like Gisele. However, she does not have the fame and fortune, but does always have that twin bond with her.

The Bundchens-15 Celebrity Twins You Probably Don't Know


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