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Famous Comedians Ever

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 6:24 pm

1.Eddie Griffin

You might know Eddie more for his movie and TV work, but he is also a very successful stand up comedian and you need to go and check out some of his work online. He is great at improv, black comedy, and observational stuff and even though it may sound like a strange mix it does actually work resulting in a comedian that is one of the most popular ever.

2.Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly has been in the industry for decades and his shows sell out no matter where they are in the world. He is a master of observational comedy and he is never afraid to speak his mind, but the way in which he tells his stories really is brilliant and as long as you can understand his accent you will be in agony from laughing.

3.Chris Rock

Chris Rock is quite abrasive and loud, but there is no doubt that he is a funny guy. He has of course also appeared in a number of movies, but the main thing is still his comedy where he will be close to injuring an audience through them laughing so much. Yes he focuses on black comedy, but it is very well done and you will die laughing from it.

4.Dave Chappelle

This guy is not only about stand up, but he is also known for his sketches and after appearing on a number of TV shows he is certainly one of the most popular comedians ever. The number of people that he has played to must be huge, but they love the speed of his wit as well as the way he works through subjects with you missing out on half of it due to laughing so much.

5.Eddie Izzard

Eddie is not only a person that used to dress up as a woman, but he is also a fantastic comedian who has a unique way of looking at things that are quite whimsical and certainly get your imagination working overtime. He is also a great actor, but his stand up shows are something to behold, so check them out and see why so many people flock to watch this guy in action.

6.Doug Stanhope

If you are looking for a controversial comedian, then this is your guy. Doug is not afraid to say what he thinks, but then audiences love him for this and indeed it is the main reason as to why people will flock to his shows in order to be shocked into laughing. He is one of the most popular comedians currently working, so if he is on tour in your area get along to see him.

7.Patrice O'Neal

Patrice was a fantastic comedian who knew how to grab an audience and not let go until he was finished making them laugh. He focused on black comedy as well as satire and it certainly led to some hilarious skits that had the audience rolling around in laughter. It is a shame that he died so young as he was a fantastic comedian with so much ahead of him.


8.Bill Burr

This guy is seen as being the comedian's comedian and this is one of the highest accolades you can get in the industry as it means other comedians are watching what you do and love it. He focuses on something known as cringe humor and if this is what you are into, then you are going to die laughing from what he has to say.

9.George Carlin

George Carlin was quite a dark comedian who would focus on what is known as black humor. He would tackle thorny issues in quite a sarcastic way, but people loved how he would take on these points and simply beat them to death with humor. He is sadly missed, but his shows are still available online.


10.Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor was a comedy genius as he tackled issues that others were scared to talk about at the time and made them funny. This then made people open up and discuss those same issues, so not only was he funny he was extremely popular and in a way really changed society a bit.

11.Louis C.K

This guy has won countless awards for his writing and stand up routines and his shows sell out in next to no time whenever he tours. He has been on countless shows and of course he is the person behind the series on Fox called Louis. People love this guy and if you watch his routines you will understand why.


12.Bill Hicks

The biggest tragedy was that Bill Hicks died so young as it did rob us of his talents at a relatively early age. This guy was huge and was certainly the most famous comedian of his generation and the fact that people still watch his stuff shows how good he really was.


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