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12 Gay Male Celebs Who Were Once Married To Women

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 7:27 am

These 12 male celebrities have come out as gay, but when they were living a "closeted" life, they didn't mind marrying a woman! Unsurprisingly, all these stars belong to the older generation. Some of the celebs confessed they were always gay, but they had to marry a woman just to pass as straight men in the society. The others indeed fell in love with the ladies and married them. However, the stars later dumped their female wives after they came out of the closet! Read the 12 exciting stories of gay male celebs who were once married to women.
1.Richard Cromwell

Richard was married for just one year to the actress Angela Lansbury. They married in 1945 and divorced in 1946 and she states that it was due to him being bisexual that their marriage lasted for such a short period of time.

2.Jonathan Plummer

Jonathan was married to Terry McMillan between 1998 and 2005. He then revealed he was gay and she sued him for $40 million for emotional distress, which seems a bit much considering she was quite happy to be married to him for so long.

3.Jack Wrangler

Jack was married to a woman from 1994 to 2009, but that was not his true self. Instead, he appeared in both gay and straight adult movies, so at least he was quite open about his sexual preferences.

4.Tony Richardson

Tony was once married to Vanessa Redgrave and they had two daughters together. However, he revealed that he was bisexual in the 80's and died of AIDS in 1991.

5.Little Richard

Little Richard is a music idol, but his personal life has always been controversial. Like the other stars on the topic, the iconic emcee, Little Richard, is a gay as well. He has admitted to being eccentric when it comes to sexual relations. He said he had shared his 16-year-old girlfriend to other male friends of him including Buddy Holly! He also confessed to paying his male friends so they would let him secretly watch them having sex with their girlfriends. According to Little Richard, his father kicked him out of the house because of his weird behavior. Little Richard married a woman named Ernestine Campbell in 1959. He divorced her in 1963. In 1995, Richard made a public announcement that he was gay.

6.Alan Cumming

Alan has been in a relationship with a man for a number of years now, but before that he was married to a woman for eight years. He is comfortable in being seen as bisexual, but at this moment in time is more than happy enough with the relationship that he is in.

7.Cole Porter

Cole was married to a woman between 1919 up until she died in 1954. Even though there is no definitive proof about him being gay there are certainly a number of very strong stories that at least indicate that this was indeed the case.


8.Anthony Perkins

"The Psycho" actor Anthony Perkins was a gay. He was a shy guy during his teen years and had a difficult time establishing positive relationships with women. Anthony Perkins gradually turned into a gay and never had sex with a woman until his 39th birthday. Anthony Perkins said to sleep with actress Victoria Principal on the filming collation of "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean," in 1971. In 1973, Anthony Perkins married Berinthia Berenson, who was a professional still photographer at that time. In 1992, Anthony Perkins died from HIV-AIDS related illness. Sadly, his wife died in September 11 attacks, nine years later.

9.Rock Hudson

Rock was one of the biggest stars of his time and it would have been a tragedy if people knew that he was gay. This led to him being married for 3 years to Phyllis Gates although most of the people in the industry knew that he preferred men.


10.Vincente Minnelli

This is the father of Liza Minnelli and he was married to several women before he ended up revealing himself to be gay. One of his marriages was to Judy Garland and it was not until later on in his life that he was happy to be gay.

11.Peter Allen

Peter Allen was a famous 70s Australian singer, but he was more popular in his time for marrying the legendary actress, Liza Minnelli. Although Peter Allen came out as gay, he had been a bisexual person for the most of his life. Peter Allen married Liza in 1967 and divorced her in 1974. Shortly after divorcing Liza, Peter Allen had a sexual relationship with Gregory Connell that lasted for years before Connell passed away from HIV-AIDS related illness. Six years later, in 1992, Peter Allen too died from AIDS. He was the first notable Australian to die from AIDS.


12.Elton John

Yep Elton may very well be in one of the most famous gay relationships in the world, but he was once married to a woman as well. In 1984 he married a German sound engineer called Renate Blauel, but they were then divorced in 1988.


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