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Highest Paid Male Tv Actors Of 2013

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 5:33 pm

1.Ashton Kutcher

At twenty-four million dollars a year, Ashton Kutcher is the highest paid male actor of 2013. A veteran of such hits as That 70s Show and Punk'd, Kutcher joined the sitcom Two and a Half Men in 2011 replacing the show's previous star Charlie Sheen, who is the craziest male actor of 2013.

2.Hugh Laurie

The British born Laurie is the star of the hugely popular CBS TV show House. In 2011 he broke the record as the highest paid actor in TV history. He has now slipped to second place with nothing by eighteen million dollars to console him. Poor guy.

3.Ray Romano

Men of a Certain Age star Ray Romano takes in eighteen million dollars a year for the TNT hit series. Romano is best known for his long-running successful sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, a show based on the material he put together as a stand-up comedian.

4.Alec Baldwin

Although his show 30 Rock has come to an end, Baldwin still commands an impressive fifteen million dollars a year, ranking him as the fourth highest paid actor on television. Baldwin may be the most familiar face on our list, having appeared in such acclaimed films as Beetlejuice and The Hunt for Red October.

5.Mark Harmon

Harmon first found success as a college football player in the early 1970s. After struggling for a while to find his place in the world of acting, he eventually wound up on the hit TV show NCIS. At fifteen million dollars a year, he comes in on our list in fifth place.

6.Tim Allen

As the star of the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, Allen makes fourteen million dollars a year. Like many of TVs biggest stars, he began as a stand-up comedian making a great deal less than fourteen million dollars a year. Allen's first break was the ABC sitcom Home Improvement.

7.Jon Cryer

If you're like me you recall Cryer mostly for his hilarious performance as Duckie in the 1986 movie Pretty In Pink. These days Cryer is a co-star on the show Two and a Half Men. He has won two Emmys and earns a yearly salary of thirteen million dollars.


8.Patrick Dempsey

As the heartthrob and star of ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Dempsey pulls in an annual salary of twelve million dollars. The actor races cars in his spare time and has expressed an interest in pursuing the sport on a full-time basis. If only he could make twelve million a year doing so.

9.Jim Parsons

At eight million dollars a year, Jim Parsons finishes in a tie with his The Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki. His first performance came at the age of six in a school production of The Elephant's Child. Parsons played the role of the Koka-Kola bird.


10.Johnny Galecki

A native of Belgium, Galecki first came to the attention of TV viewers on the ABC sitcom Roseanne. These days he commands a salary of eight million dollars a year as the star of The Big Bang Theory. He's been nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe award.

11.Jason Segel

At six foot four Jason Segel, the star of the hit CBS TV show How I Met Your Mother might very well have topped the list if we ranked the actors according to height, but with an annual salary of eight million dollars a year, Segel only finishes at number eleven.


12.Michael Weatherly

As actor on the highly popular CBS show NCIS, Weatherly earns an impressive 250,000 dollars an episode. His first role as a television actor came on the Cosby Show. He played Theo Huxtable's roommate. No, I don't remember his performance on that show. It's possible that Michael doesn't remember it either.

13.Robin Williams

As the star of The Crazy Ones, Williams commands a per episode salary of 165, 000 dollars. No stranger to the medium, the star begin his TV career as a cast member on The Richard Pryor show for what was probably a lot less than 165, 000 dollars per episode.

14.Peter Dinklage

As an actor who stands four foot five inches tall, Peter Dinklage, as you could imagine, has had a difficult time finding a place in Hollywood. As he today earns 150,000 dollars per episode on the show Games of Thrones, we can safely say that Dinklage has overcome his handicap.

15.Max Greenfield

At 75,000 dollars an episode Max Greenfield is the fifteenth highest paid male actor in the wide world of television. He is the co-star of The New Girl, a very hip and successful television show that you've never heard of if you are over the age of thirty.


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