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12 Most Beautiful Women In The World Right Now

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 12:28 pm

Agree or not, A beautiful woman is a perfect blend of physical and mental traits like beauty, sex appeal, attitude, confidence, etc. Such good-looking women are rare, and it is very hard to find them around us. What you are about to see now are the pictures of 12 most beautiful women of this year. These gorgeous looking women set every man's soul on fire with their scorching hot bodies and adorable faces. They look like they came down to earth straight from heaven! These prettiest women make every man crazy and every woman jealous of their beauty! Hey, aren't you eager to see them? Here we go! See 12 most stunningly beautiful women of 2016.
4.Emma Roberts

The versatile actress, Emma Roberts, is yet another beautiful woman who has stolen hearts of millions with her gorgeous appearance and graceful smile. She is a slim woman and has no big bosoms or butt. All her beauty lies within her face! Hey, have you ever seen Emma Roberts's eyes keenly? The "Unfabulous" star has stunning eyes that make every man fall for them right away. Emma Roberts has acted in more than 30 movies and appeared in 10+ TV shows. As you may know, Emma Roberts is currently playing the lead role in Fox's comedy horror TV series, Scream Queens.  Emma Roberts' feet admirers have crossed a million mark in recent years as well.

Emma Roberts-12 Most Beautiful Women In The World Right Now

5.Margot Robbie

Here comes Harley Quinn! The 26-year-old Australian actress looks distinctively beautiful. Margot Robbie has a great smile, and she is clearly not a typical girly material. This girl has been there in the show business since 2008. She played Donna Freedman in popular Australian TV series, Neighbors that was aired between 2008 and 2013. Margot Robbie's breakthrough role came in The Wolf of Wall Street when she played Naomi Lapaglia opposite to Leonardo DiCaprio. She has become a top and unbeatable Hollywood star lately, thanks to her two back-to-back blockbuster movies The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad in 2016. Hey, Did we forgot to mention she has a huge following from feet fetish community as well?

Margot Robbie-12 Most Beautiful Women In The World Right Now

6.Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson perhaps needs no special introduction here. She is one of the most famous Hollywood actresses and has been a busy actress since her childhood. Scarlett Johansson received her first role in movies when she was just nine years old. Since then, Johansson has acted in more than 45+ movies. Her biggest break came in 2010 when she portrayed Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Thanks to Iron Man and Avengers franchise, Scarlett Johansson is now a global star. With a net worth of over $80 million, she is one of the richest actresses in Hollywood and one of the most admired celebrity in feet fetish community. Coming to her looks, yes, the Avengers star looks stunningly gorgeous! 

Scarlett Johansson-12 Most Beautiful Women In The World Right Now

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