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Most Annoying Celebrities

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 6:01 pm

1.Ann Coulter

In all honesty Ann is actually quite dangerous. Her thoughts and opinions on a wide range of issues can ultimately lead to bigger problems and issues, but she seems to be incapable of understanding that, or perhaps she can and just does not want to accept it.

2.Donald Trump

In all honesty Donald Trump has been annoying for a number of years, so it is hardly a new thing. OK you are good at business and made a lot of money, but it is the way in which he puts himself across that is the most annoying. He feels he can get whatever he wants, but of course the world does not work like that.

3.Russell Brand

This comedian and actor from the UK likes to put across his feelings on a number of subjects. The only problem is that he knows very little about a lot of things and that in itself makes him annoying. He feels as if he has the answer to so much when in actual fact he is just a monumental penis.

4.Lady Gaga

Yes ok we get it. We understand that you like to dress up all weird and act even stranger, but can you not give it a break and try to be normal for just one single day? That is quite possibly far too much to ask.

5.Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is a rare breed because he is hated in equal measure both side of the Atlantic Ocean. The UK was quite happy when they managed to pack him off to the US as it meant he was off their screens, but he has just carried on in his usual way in the States,

6.Harry Styles

This may be seen as controversial among some people, but are you not fed up of hearing about Harry and his love life? All you get is who he fancies, who he has been out with, who likes him, but seriously who actually cares? Does it change how you wake up in the morning?

7.Kim Kardashian

OK first of all if you are married to somebody called West, then agreeing to your child being called North is annoying in itself. However, this does not even take into account the fact that she has completely changed her appearance and as like her husband is never out of the limelight.


8.Justin Bieber

Does this actually need any explanation? Justin Bieber is annoying because he is an absolute spoilt brat who has anything and everything anybody would ever need, but he still decides to act like an idiot.

9.Paris Hilton

She may have been a bit quieter of late, but that does not stop her from being annoying. She just has this kind of personality that ends up irritating the absolute life out of you even if you cannot put your finger on it at that moment in time.


10.Kendall Jenner

The problem with Kendall is that she thinks she knows what people want to see when in actual fact most people just want to see the back of her. She may be young, but boy has she done well to become so annoying so quickly.

11.Miley Cyrus

The problem with her is that she is trying to be controversial and all she is doing is annoying the absolute life out of people who wish that she would go back to the Disney channel. She is just seen as trying far too hard to make an impression.


12.Kanye West

Oh come on is this actually a surprise that he is listed here? His face is everywhere and he just annoys you by being in your presence all of the time. You have expect to go to pee and he leaps up out of your toilet due to him being in your space constantly.


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