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Musicians Who Were Once In The Military

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 9:07 am

1.Jason Everman

Jason has been in both Soundgarden and Nirvana, but even after a successful music career he then ended up with the US Special Forces. He has since seen active service in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

2.MC Hammer

MC Hammer was in the US Navy where he was a Petty Officer and store keeper. Whenever somebody tried to take something without his permission he would shout 'you can't touch this' Ok that is a lie, but it would be cool if it was true.

3.Maynard James Kennan

Yep this lead singer of Tool started off life in the military before ultimately turning to music. He spent time studying to become an officer, but then decided against going to West Point in order to do music.


Mystikal may like controversy, but he certainly toed the line in the army. He actually enlisted straight out of High School and then saw action in Operation: Desert Storm.

5.Kris Kristofferson

Kris spent some time in the army before he decided that he preferred to be involved in music. He managed to reach the position of captain and was even given the chance to go to West Point but turned it down.


Elvis spent a grand total of 2 years in the army towards the end of the 50s. The biggest surprise was that he was the biggest star in the world, but still decided to take that break in order to serve his country.

7.Johnny Cash

Johnny served in the Air Force and was involved in the Korean War. He also spent time in Germany and once stated that he found his very first guitar there leading to him becoming a musical genius.


8.Jimi Hendrix

Jimi was forced into being in the military, but luckily for him it was not for too long. Apparently they realized that he was more interested in his guitar so the army gave up on him.


Shaggy saw active service in the Gulf War due to being in the Marines. He actually says that it did then influence his music career as it taught him about how to devote himself to something.


10.Tony Bennett

The crooner actually saw active service in WW2 when he was called up in 1944. He eventually served in both France and Germany and was in the 63rd Infantry Division.

11.Ice T

This bad guy rapper left high school and spent four years in the 25th Infantry Division. How that then had an impact on his music career is unknown.


12.James Blunt

James Blunt was an officer in the British army and was actually the leader of over 30,000 troops in the Balkans. He makes jokes about having to strap his guitar to the outside of his tank rather than keeping it inside.


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