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The Jobs James Franco Has Done Or Could Do

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 9:12 am


James has been the headmaster of Studio 4 for a number of years with this being an acting school based in Los Angeles. You can see why students would listen to the likes of him giving them direction and he just wants to help the next generation of actors to come through.


James now qualifies as being a model as he was chosen to be the face of Gucci in 2008. You can kind of understand why they did that and he certainly had some fun driving around in cool cars and having hot women draping themselves all over him.

3.Aerospace Intern

James is fantastic at maths and that led to him getting an internship at Lockheed Martin. However, he was fed up with the job pretty early on, but it was still worth adding it to his resume.

4.Film director

James has been responsible for directing almost 16 movies although they are often a bit off the beaten track and slightly unusual. However, he says he loves doing it, so do not be surprised if he ends up doing a major movie at some point.


James has been responsible for writing at least 17 different movie and TV show scripts although that number is probably a lot higher now. He just cannot help himself when it comes to taking an idea in his head and putting it down onto paper.


James has been responsible for editing the movie The Broken Tower and it is clear that he has a lot of different talents. He feels it gives him a different insight to the roles when he sees it from a completely different angle.


James was actually also teaching while he was studying and can you imagine the reaction of his students if he was to go and do that now? His course focused on taking poems and turning them into short movies, so at least it was still in the same industry.



James has a way with words and he has actually turned his hand to poetry and has managed to have a couple of books published. Overall he does pretty well with it even though some of his lyrics may come across as a bit strange.


James actually holds a private pilots license as he put himself through the lessons and test before he filmed the movie Flyboys. The movie itself was a flop, but at least it was the only thing that crashed and not the plane itself.



He has actually been published in a number of quality magazines and newspapers in the last few years, so he is seen as being quite a serious journalist. It is a bit strange to have an actor that is so well versed in so many different things.


James worked at McDonalds for a short while after he left college, but he realized that there was more to life than flipping burgers. However, it did at least give him some kind of experience of the real world before becoming a star.



James has been responsible for a number of photographic exhibitions and he sees it as a pretty good hobby to have. He has also published two books full of his own photographs, so this is almost like a side job for him.


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