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Unknown Things About Celebrities

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 6:55 am

1.Russell Crowe Released a Song About Marlon Brando

Les Miserables wasn't the first time Russell Crowe got to test out his singing chops. In the 1980s, Crowe went by the name 'Russ Le Roq,' and released a single called "I Want To Be Like Marlon Brando." He wrote the song about the movie legend even though he had never seen one of his films.

2.Gwen Stefani has Only Had Two Boyfriends

Men swoon over No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani, but she's picky when it comes to men. The singer has only had two boyfriends in her 43 years of life. She dated her band mate Tony Kanal for a few years and of course her husband Gavin Rossdale. Currently, Stefani is rumored to be pregnant with her third child.

3.Mila Kunis' Mismatched Eyes

It's not noticeable, but Mila Kunis' eye colors are different in each eye. Her left eye is brown, while her right eye is green. The mismatched eye color is due to a condition called heterochromia iridum. She also suffered from a condition called, chronic iritis, which is an inflammation of the iris. The condition left her with a cataract and blurred vision. She has since had surgery to correct chronic iritis.

4.Sean Connery 007 Secret

Sean Connery will always be remembered for his smoldering good looks and slicked back hair in the James Bond films. If you wondering how his hair always managed to stay in place during the fight scenes, it's because it wasn't growing out of his scalp. Connery began losing his hair at 21. He reportedly donned a toupee for every 007 film he was in.

5.Leonardo DiCaprio Fired from a Gig as a Toddler

Leonardo DiCaprio is praised for his professionalism on movie sets, but that wasn't always the case. Apparently, DiCaprio's Terrible Twos went on for an additional year. The actor was fired when he was just 3-years-old from the long running television show, Romper Room. The network let him go for being disruptive.

6.The Olsen Twins Wore Fake Teeth on "Full House"

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shared the role of 'Michelle Tanner' on ABC's Full House. The twins (who are actually fraternal) did everything the same, but they lost and gained their teeth at different times. Because of this, they both had to wear fake teeth during filming, as to not throw the audience off.

7.Mark Wahlberg And His Many Nipples

Three's a crowd, but Mark Wahlberg doesn't mind. During his years as a musician, Wahlberg would always perform with his shirt off. Though some fans used to gawk at the shirtless entertainer, many never noticed his third nipple. Wahlberg has no plans to remove the extra nipple; instead he embraces it and calls it "my prized possession."


8.Nicole Kidman Suffers from Lepidopteroph0bia

Nicole Kidman is one the rare people in this world who suffer from Lepidopteroph0bia. It sounds like a disease a leprauchaun would have, but it's the official term for people who are afraid of butterflies. Even Kidman has gone on record to say that her ph0bia Is bizzarre and I couldn't agree more.

9.David Bowie and his Dilated Eye

David Bowie's eyes, or should I say eye tells an interesting story. If you look at his face closely, you will notice that something is a tad bit off with his left eye. This is because when he was a kid, he got into a fight and was punched in that very eye. As a result, his left eye has remained permanently dilated.


10.Mr. Rogers' Mom Knit Some of his Sweaters

For decades, children from around the world watched as Mr. Rogers would lace up those blue sneakers and put on one of those signature sweaters each week. A fun tidbit that many don't know, is that Fred Rogers' mom hand-knit some of the sweaters he wore on the show. Kudos to Momma Rogers for the great craftsmanship.

11.Alicia Keys had a role on "The Cosby Show"

Alicia Keys is known for her singing, but she got her first entertainment gig in 1985. Keys played Rudy's friend Maria on the "Slumber Party" episode of The Cosby Show. Even though her part was small, she stood out from the other children because she was able to stay on Bill Cosby's leg the longest during his Bucking Horse game.


12.Alan Thicke co-wrote the theme songs for "Diff'rent Strokes" and "The Facts of Life"

Robin Thicke comes from a very musically-inclined family. His father Alan Thicke co-composed the theme songs for sitcoms Diff'rent Strokes and The Facts of Life with his then-wife Gloria Loring. The cast of The Facts of Life sang the theme the first season; Loring took over singing the theme song for the rest of the show's stint on-air.

13.Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling Used to be Roommates

You never see these together now, but when they were kids, Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake were roommates. Both men moved to Florida, so they could be on the Mickey Mouse Club Show. They lived together for six months. Gosling's mother could not relocate from Canada, so Timberlake's mom became his guardian when he moved to Florida.

14.James Earl Jones

Actor James Earl Jones has one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. What most people don't know is that he had a severe stutter as a child. He was so embarrassed by this stuttering problem that he remained silent for nearly 8-years. Thankfully, he grew out of it and went on to voice 'Mufasa' in Disney's The Lion King.

15.Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was known for his voice, signature good looks and his perfectly placed hair. Some may find it shocking to know that the King of Rock N' Roll was actually a natural blonde. The singer began dying his hair back in high school. As the saying goes, "once you go Black, you never go back!"


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