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15 Amazing White Ink Tattoos That You Need To Check Right Now

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 5:47 am

Most of us are stuck in a vicious cycle of coffee, sleep, and work and have little or no time to peek into the fashion world to see what's happening in there! We know you are aware of several kinds of tattoos, but have you ever heard about the white ink tattoos?  They are a fashion too.  Some specialty white ink designs glow when exposed to UV light. The tattoos are popular among the groups that are deeply into night partying or rave culture. Remember, the white ink tattoos look good only on a pale and freckle-free skin. Check these 15 impressive white ink tattoos before you get your next tattoo.

This poor guy really needs an aim in his life. Having an arrow as a tattoo on wrist shows that this guy is having no idea what to do. It is really pity that if incase he got a correct direction in his life through this tattoo then what will he do if this tattoo fades away.

2.Beautiful white ink flower tattoo

This is called unique. This girl is having a beautiful surface piercing incorporated into tattoo and white ink which gives it a bold and feminine look. But there is a question she got this tattoo for what .Is she trying to impress her boyfriend or she is a nature lover? Whatever is the reason she got a fantastic tattoo?

3.Love life tattoo

"Love Life" is very well done quote that this guy tattooed on his wrist. It shows that how much this guy is happy in his life as he tattooed such quote on his wrist. Moreover the flying font looks best in white inked .It will not look as fantastic in color.


You could not have an idea where this tattoo is placed but it looks too simple and delicate. It looks like an eagle which is ready to fly by somehow but the guy who is having this tattoo shows his mentality that he would love to touch the sky but in a simple manner or way.

5.Small stars-tattoo

This poor guy is having little stars tattooed in white ink which looks like overly designed mosquitoes bites .If he got this tattoo to impress his girl friend then she might be worried about this as it looks like white heads in weird place instead of stars .So he really have to use UV rays to make them shine and prove that they are not mosquitoes bites or white heads.


Design of feather on arm in white ink looks like there is actually a real feather which is floating on this guy's arm. This feather would not look nearly as good if it were colored. Tattoo maker really did a fantastic job by tattooing something like this which looks so real.

7.Spiral galaxy tattoo

This guy is having a tattoo or symptoms of some disease. Really guys! If you want to have a white inked tattoo in this pattern on your body then you are responsible if people got worried about you and asked you the question "Is it a tattoo or symptom of a skin disease?"


8.Half body White Ink Tattoos

Is this guy having short term memory lose problem? His tattoo is looking like maps of some place where he really wants to go but having a fear of getting lost there. So he tattooed this weird map on his stomach which can scare his bedmate or roommate too.


Some designs look too perfect in white ink tattoos. Here we go with an example, you can see crescent moon on the arm of this guy in white ink. This moon would not look as affected in black ink. So this guy is smarter than the other and having a moon for his girlfriend.



This guy can probably be really fond off scary movie. He got a lovely Skeleton arm tattoo on his arm in white ink which looks too good under UV rays. I think he missed the stars for his girl friend so he gifted his girl friend a scary tattoo which is quite a unique idea to scare her.


Have you ever see stars except from sky? O dear am not talking about the celebrities. Look here this guy has an awesome white inked tattoo on his neck .These stars will look awesome under UV lights. It seems that he really snatched the stars from sky to his neck for his girl friend.

12.Anchor White Ink Tattoo

This Popeye-inspired anchor tattoo looks very impressive. In fact, an anchor sign on the arm is a very cool tattoo idea. It's unique, and it signifies toughness of an individual. It is also commonly seen in sailor and fisherman communities. The guy has got just the right skin complexion needed to make the tattoo look good. Unlike the conventional tattoos, white ink tattoos don't look dominating on the skin. If you are not getting a tattoo because of social factors, you should probably give white ink tattoos a try. They are discreet and beautiful.

Anchor White Ink Tattoo-15 Amazing White Ink Tattoos That You Need To Check Right Now

13.Rose White Ink Tattoo

This is a beautiful piece of body art too. It's a considerably larger tattoo, but it doesn't really look dominating as it is a white ink tattoo. The tattoo looks puffed up because the person took the picture right after he got it done. It's a common phenomenon, and it should go away in a couple of weeks like any other tattoo. This happens because a tattoo artist uses a sharp needle to inject white ink into the deeper layers of skin. Another interesting fact is that white ink tattoos don't last longer. They fade away with time.

Rose White Ink Tattoo-15 Amazing White Ink Tattoos That You Need To Check Right Now

14.Angel White Ink Tattoo

Isn't that angel tattoo looking awesome? It definitely does. The details of the body art are neat and precise. It's one of those shape-based tattoos, so you don't find the design like photorealistic tattoo. If this were a regular tattoo, the tattoo would look like it was a big deal - too big and dominating. The white ink, however, doesn't really look flamboyant. As we told before, white ink lets you have big and beautiful tattoos on your body without needing to deal with all the social stigma that's linked with tats.  

Angel White Ink Tattoo-15 Amazing White Ink Tattoos That You Need To Check Right Now

15.Pretty Heart Symbol White Ink Tattoo

You may want to save this picture if you believe this is a fantastic tattoo idea. It's small but very cute. Apparently, the tattoo depicts the word "love" and the heart symbol both at the same time. We know you feel like getting one for you after seeing this tattoo, don't you? The design looks good in any color, and you need not specifically be thinking about the white ink. As we told earlier, there are many downsides of the white ink. Firstly, they don't last longer. Secondly, the designs become messy and weird after a few years from the time you got it.

Pretty Heart Symbol White Ink Tattoo-15 Amazing White Ink Tattoos That You Need To Check Right Now


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