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15 Amazing White Ink Tattoos That You Need To Check Right Now

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 5:47 am

Most of us are stuck in a vicious cycle of coffee, sleep, and work and have little or no time to peek into the fashion world to see what's happening in there! We know you are aware of several kinds of tattoos, but have you ever heard about the white ink tattoos?  They are a fashion too.  Some specialty white ink designs glow when exposed to UV light. The tattoos are popular among the groups that are deeply into night partying or rave culture. Remember, the white ink tattoos look good only on a pale and freckle-free skin. Check these 15 impressive white ink tattoos before you get your next tattoo.

#10 Feather-tattoo-design

Design of feather on arm in white ink looks like there is actually a real feather which is floating on this guy's arm. This feather would not look nearly as good if it were colored. Tattoo maker really did a fantastic job by tattooing something like this which looks so real.

Feather-tattoo-design-15 Amazing White Ink Tattoos That You Need To Check Right Now



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