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12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 1:30 pm

Pastel Goth is a sub-trend to the goth subculture which was started in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and spread to many parts of the world. As you know, people who follow this culture wear black clothes, dark lipstick, black nail lacquer, etc. Pastel Goth (also goes by the names nu goth and soft grunge) has emerged, attracting the attention of a lot of young people around the world. The words pastel and goth are clearly two contradicting terms, and as the name pastel goth suggests, this new drift is defined by the replacement of traditional dark-colored outfits, makeup, accessories, etc. with ones that have lighter hues. This fashion fusion looks very promising, and if you want to jump on this pastel goth bandwagon, read and find out these 12 easy ways to become one!
4.Dressing Style

We have already discussed color preferences of outfits at the beginning of this topic. Now, let's talk about the dressing style. Tops like tees, sweaters, shirts, etc. should have goth symbols like inverted cross or short dismal quotes in a spooky font. They can be paired with just about anything like a miniskirt, leather pants, jeans, and pre-torn leggings. Corsets do the job as well as long as they have dark or pastel colors. Pick unique-looking clothes that help you to stand out from the crowd. Just check this picture for some pastel goth dressing style inspiration. She looks great in those outfits, doesn't she?

Dressing Style-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

5.Pastel Goth Footwear

Footwear is another critical piece of pastel goth fashion; hence, one shouldn't ignore it and wear random shoes or sandals. Boots, platform shoes, chucks, creepers, etc. work great as long as they are black or dark in color. Some people prefer pastel colored footwear to darker ones. Although black is more of a standard color, you are free to take sides with dark colors or light hues. Remember, your shoes or sandals must look unique. Take a look at these spooky pumps in the picture! You are supposed to buy something like them.

Pastel Goth Footwear-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

6.Hair Accessories

Hey, dresses alone can't give you that nu goth look. You need to invest some money in hair accessories as well. We don't often find goth girls wearing hair accessories. As you know, goth subculture is all about looking dark from top to bottom. All they express with their appearance is misery. Pastel goth isn't like that, and people who follow it articulate more feelings via their clothes, makeup, and accessories, etc. Coming back to hair accessories, you can buy stuff like snapbacks, bonnets, bows, or spiky/floral headbands to enhance pastel goth style. Choose the ones that look a little spooky!

Hair Accessories-12 Ways To Become A Pastel Goth

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