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15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:10 pm

The world is no short of dumb people, and will never run out of them. What makes a person dumb? There are many things that make a person dumb from ignorance to inability to think right and logically. Dumb people look like everyone until they open their mouth or let their feelings out. Here are fifteen dumb people who have come up with dumbest tweets ever!
4.He Unlocked a Newer Dumbness Level

One doesn't simply go dumb instantly! Dumbness is a long time procedure and people keep unlocking their levels with dumb acts every time. Here, as you can see in the image, this dude just unlocked a new dumbness level! The higher the level, the more the fame! You can see commonsense and dumbness at one place in this image!

He Unlocked a Newer Dumbness Level-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

5.Hall of Cost

If you are wondering what hall of cost is all about, let's tell you that he means 'Holocaust'. This image is a great example how some dumb people don't really look dumb, but are actually super dumb! His tweet would have made some sense if he could have known a little more about history, and a little more about Holocaust.

Hall of Cost-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

6.When Someone Can't Differentiate Between Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman

This guy in the image doesn't know both of them clearly. If knew who Nelson Mandela is, he wouldn't have used this image. If he knew who Morgan Freeman is, he would never do this terrible mistake. He's not the one! Many people including celebrities from around the world shared Morgan Freeman's photo instead of Nelson Mandela's when Mandela died. 

When Someone Can't Differentiate Between Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

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