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15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 4:12 pm

Most of us hate our jobs, but continue working because we have to. Millions of employees around the globe are unhappy about their work or workplace because of one or other reasons. We all know it's rare and difficult to find a perfect job. Many of us are so frustrated that we can't stop thinking to resign from company all day, all night! Here are fifteen people who thought they had enough and finally said bye to their employers in style!
13.Now Boss Has to Figure Out How to Change that Damn Sign

There you go, another rage quit! Things like these look extremely funny for us, but not to that boss, company or employees there. Incidents like these disturb work atmosphere. Some businesses take so much time to get back on to track, given the fact that acts like these will badly damage their reputation.

Now Boss Has to Figure Out How to Change that Damn Sign-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

14.Out of that Shit

This is the dirtiest of all resignation letters/notes we have seen! This guy literally thinks the management is screwing him from back. Oh boy, he even thinks his company is shit, and says he's flushing it out of his life. We don't know what made him to think like that, but trust us, this is truly hilarious!

Out of that Shit-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

15.Reporter Announcing Quit on Live TV

This is the best and coolest resignation ever! The lady as you can see in the video actually announced she's quitting her job and starting a medical marijuana business! She even told she will be fighting to make marijuana legal in Alaska live on TV! Oh boy, what a way to quit!

Reporter Announcing Quit on Live TV-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

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