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15 Times Employees Got Fired By Their Boss

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 9:35 pm

Most people on this planet hate their jobs, except for a few lucky souls. Never rant about your boss, job or workplace, even when you hate it, unless you want to get fired. Here are fifteen dumb employees who got fired by their bosses for ranting or not being productive at work.
4.Easiest Way to Get Fired

Calling the boss a wanker, and posting the same on Facebook while having him in your friend’s list, is one of the easiest and most instant ways to get fired. The boss looks to be in no mood for any other discussions. 

Easiest Way to Get Fired-15 Times Employees Got Fired By Their Boss


5.F*ck this Job

Employee: F*ck this job.
Job: No, I will f*ck you.
Employee: What?
Job: You are fired!
Moral: Stick to rule No. 1, and never post nasty stuff about work on Facebook.

F*ck this Job-15 Times Employees Got Fired By Their Boss


6.This Taco Licker at Taco Bell

This Taco Bell worker got instantly fired after a colleague posted a pic of him licking tacos. People will not have a problem as long as things like these were not exposed. So, not just the status messages, be careful with the images you are posting online. Of course it is best not to go on like this in the first place.

This Taco Licker at Taco Bell-15 Times Employees Got Fired By Their Boss


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