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15 Best Joker Drawings That Give You Nightmares

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 9:56 am

Joker is one of the most badass fictional villains known to the humankind! He is sadomasochistic. Unlike the other super villains in DC Universe, Joker has an inimitable villainous personality. His inclination towards crime and terror is driven mostly by his narcissistic and vindictive nature. Joker's wicked sense of humor has made him so famous that he has fans too! The Joker character first appeared in 1940 DC Comics books. No one knows the real name of Joker, although people speculate it to be Jack Napier. DC Comics has recently announced that it would reveal Joker's name and his story very soon. Meanwhile, see these 15 Joker drawings that incite fear instantly!

How creepy is this drawing of the Joker? It is another one done in the comic book style, but you still recognize it as being him and the drawing itself is actually quite freaky when you sit and look at it. The artist has really done a fantastic job here and you cannot help but like it just you cannot see yourself hanging it on the wall in your house due to the way it would undoubtedly scare people.


At first glance you really would believe that this is a photograph of the Joker and not a drawing. The detail that is included in it is outstanding and the artist has somehow managed to capture even the smallest of details right down to individual strands of hair. He does not look as evil in this sketch, but that does not matter due to the brilliance of the drawing itself.

Photograph?-15 Best Joker Drawings That Give You Nightmares


This caricature of the Joker is brilliant and has to be one of the best that you will ever find. It really does bring the character to life and it is easy to imagine him laughing and talking just by looking at this wonderful piece of art. It captures the madness of the Joker and the entire drawing is so well balanced that you cannot fail to love the end result.

4.Mobile Joker

This cool drawing is the result of somebody using an app on their phone while having quite a lot of spare time on their hands. The drawing itself is so, so good and they are clearly very talented as they have even managed to capture some of the evilness in his eyes even though they were clearly limited in what they could achieve by drawing in this manner.

5.Comic book

Of course he started off in a comic book, and this drawing in that style does help to show that he can be different to the style portrayed in the Dark Knight. He is still very easy to recognize even though it is a different type of art, but all of his character still comes through the image, which is all that an artist wants.


This pastille drawing is so good because it does include different characters that the Joker takes on in the Dark Knight movie. The artist has clearly managed to capture so much of the Joker in the different guises he takes on and it is a drawing that just works well. The detail in each character is fantastic and it does manage to really sum up this particular movie and the role that the character plays.


How clever is this drawing? It uses one of his catchphrases and turns it into a drawing of his face and head and the result really is outstanding. You do have to look a bit harder to see the 'why' in his head, but the rest of it is very easy to see and you have to say that it does work exceptionally well. This is certainly a different drawing to what you are used to with this character, but it shows what is capable of being done if you have the imagination.



This drawing is included because it was done on a travel Etch A Sketch and the artist has still managed to capture the real essence of the character without even lifting up a pencil. If you have ever used one of these toys you will know how difficult it can be to draw anything, so to then produce a drawing of this quality, which is better than most people could do with a pencil, really does say a lot about the talent of the person.


How life like is this drawing by Vinny John? You would be forgiven for thinking that he was about to leap out of the page at you thanks to the detail that is included in the drawing. It does show how some color can really bring a drawing to life and give it another dimension, but at the same time the dark and moody nature is preserved making this one of the best drawings out there.



This drawing somehow makes the Joker appear as if he is deep in thought, but then you do not want to know what he is thinking thanks to his track record. There is a lot of depth and detail in this drawing and the artist has worked wonders to capture the correct mood in this drawing. Thanks to the style it does not need to have any color and indeed color would completely change the mood of a fantastic drawing.

11.Older Joker 2

This is another drawing of the older style Joker and this is also very well done and is a drawing that the artist should be exceptionally proud of. It manages to capture the essence of the character and it really does just cast your mind back to the movie itself and the way in which Nicholson brought the character to life. The detail is unbelievable in this drawing and it has to be one of the best out there.

12.Older Joker

If you have watched the Batman movies from the 90s then this Joker is going to bring back loads of memories. Jack Nicholson was fantastic as the character and this drawing really does capture him perfectly. The eyes are going to draw you in and the smile is fantastic and overall the artist has done such a good job with only a pencil to help them.

13.Dark and purple

As long as the most recent incarnation of the Joker is not your first experience of him, then you will really appreciate this drawing of an older character as seen in cartoons and comics. This drawing captures the real evilness of the older version and the dark shadow does just help to add to that particular feeling. The colors in the drawing are just enough to add even more feeling to it and this would make a cool poster to have on your wall.

14.Thoughtful Joker

This pencil drawing does of course capture one of the most famous images of the latest incarnation of the Joker and you will probably notice it from appearing in so many of the memes that are across the Internet. It really is very lifelike and the artist has done a fantastic job of capturing the real character with the eyes being slightly menacing and making you worry about what is going on inside his head.

15.Dark sinister

This drawing is fantastic in that it really does capture the sinister side of the Joker and you can easily feel the evil side of him coming out. The detail in it is exceptional and the artist has managed to capture every single aspect of the character even though there is no color used. It is creepy, it scares you, and it is the perfect drawing for a fantastic character.


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