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12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

Friday, Jul 24, 2020, 12:46 pm

If you haven't checked Roast Me subreddit on Reddit yet, you are probably missing a lot of fun. "Roast Me" is a hilarious subreddit where people post their photos asking redditors to roast them with vicious comments. If you ever wonder what it feels like to be bullied, just take a selfie, post it there, and watch Reddit trolls leaving highly insulting yet hilarious feedback! Don't forget to hold a sign that reads /R/RoastMe as a token of consent.  If you are someone who gets offended easily, "Roast Me" isn't a great place for you. However, if you love dark humor, check these 12 Reddit Roast Me posts that are way too hilarious!
7.The Double Burn

"I'm going to assume that you're fucking a third-rate local rapper that treats you like dogshit." 
"At least dogshit gets picked up off the park grass when the dog is done with his business."  
These two comments definitely go down as the meanest roasts of the topic. Well, that's exactly how some people feel like upon seeing a woman who dresses like this girl in the picture. Over 600 people upvoted the comment, which was a clear indication of the popular opinion. All we can do now is feel sorry for the girl and check the next roast! 

The Double Burn-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

8.Straight On His Big Teeth

"Are you holding the handle of your gigantic toothbrush?"
Well, that was an accurate roast! His teeth were big enough not to go unnoticed, especially on a platform that would examine every visible physical feature of an individual to make fun of them. Frankly speaking, his teeth weren't that bad! They were little bigger than the usual size. All that guy needed was a little dental work to save him from major embarrassment, but it was his choice anyway! 

Straight On His Big Teeth-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

9.This Girl With Tape-Like Hair

"It's like the tape was ripped out of 50 different audio cassettes and dropped on your head."  
If you don't straightway understand the comment, you are probably too young to be on the internet! The 80s and the 90s kids can very well relate to the comment. Her hair does look like the magnetic tape of audio cassettes. It wasn't really an insult from an ordinary man's perspective, but it was definitely a roast in the eye of a self-loving woman. Can you recall any girl who doesn't get offended when you say bad things about her hair or makeup?! 

This Girl With Tape-Like Hair-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

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