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Brilliantly Clever Billboard Ads

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020, 6:51 pm

1.See it works!

Nothing is going to boost your confidence as much as seeing a product working and that is the idea that is being put across by this billboard. The concept of it being held up by the very same tape that you are going to buy will make sure that the product stays in your mind.



The way in which this billboard has managed to also use part of the car park is certainly very effective and it does show that there are some clever advertising people out there. How many people will now avoid parking there though? Surely nobody believes that their car can be covered?

3.Mind blowing

This is the kind of billboard that is going to freak you out because it just looks as if this person is playing a giant game of Jenga, but with an actual building. Ok it just involves them sticking on an extra part at the side of the building, but it is very effective with what it is trying to do.



This billboard just looks very tasty and it is cool to see that they have also included a fork in the base just to complete the look that they are trying to achieve. This is certainly a case of thinking out of the box because most people would forget about the actual support pillar, but not this time.


This image only shows one part of the billboard because when it is dry there is a child with the blood pouring out of them. This is one billboard that you are not going to forget in a hurry, but then that is the entire point of it all isn't it?


6.A pain in the head

Well if you had a wrecking ball in your head would you not be looking for a painkiller to help you out? This is certainly very creative and it does help to play on the strengths of the product itself and after all that is what you will be hoping for if you are the marketing person.


We can all feel sympathy with this woman with the fact that she feels the need to hide herself away due to having pimples. However, at least help is at hand with this product, so perhaps there is going ot be a follow up one where we see her entire face?



This advert must be very effective with the message it is trying to put across because it does show you what can happen in that situation and the consequences that you may have to suffer. Sometimes the message it is putting across is so important that a full on billboard like this is required.

9.Strong teeth

Well if this product is capable of making your teeth strong enough to do this to a billboard, then it must be very good. Just look at the way in which he is ripping that up and mangling all of the metal at the same time, do you not want teeth like that?


10.Big muffins

You have to say that this advert is very clever although their jumbo muffins are clearly going to be too big for most people to stomach if they are capable of crushing a car. However, how could you ignore this advert when you drive past?

11.Gimme a drink!

This design is pretty exceptional because just look at the way in which the drink appears to be falling out of the bottle. This is undoubtedly something that is going to just grab your attention and the chances of you ever forgetting what it is selling you are going to be pretty non-existent.



It is probably no surprise that Ikea has been responsible for a creative billboard ad, but you have to say that this is a pretty impressive example. The fact that they have also added in a couple of people just adds to it and your attention will certainly be drawn to this billboard.


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