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12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 12:10 pm

Every person born on this planet goes through a depressive period at some point in their life. Sadly, depression has become an integral part of our modern lives. How many times you woke up in despair, spent the entire day as a dysfunctional human being, and went back to sleep feeling empty? Admit it; we all had those bad days. This topic is a humorous recap of those episodes of depression. Trust us; these 12 depression memes are funnier than what you may think! 
4.Life's Hard

"When you told yourself, you will be more positive, but life keeps trying you!" 
Life keeps bringing us down, and we just need to fight it all the time. Life's not easy for many living beings on the planet, not just the humans. You have to battle many odds just to be at that comfortable position many of us want. We need to be positive from the time we were kids to the time we eventually die. Hope, positivity, and hard work steer us toward success. 

Life's Hard-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

5.When Your Friend's Depressed As Well

"When both you and you friend are severely depressed but find happiness in the mutual feelings of despair!" 
That's one good way to tackle depression. As said earlier, every person born on this planet has to deal with a bad phase, and there's no way to escape it. Anyone who's going through such period needs to open up to their friends and share their feelings just as it is depicted in this meme. If you are depressed, find another depressed girl or guy in your friend's network, and start hanging out with them frequently. You will feel a lot better when you realize you are not the only one who's suffering the wrath of ruthless life! 

When Your Friend's Depressed As Well-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

6.Weak Students Can Relate

"When you see the first question on your exam and already know you are going to fail." 
Exams are like relationships! You need to do too many complicated things in too less time, and despite doing that, you may just end up being a failure. Glad, whoever made this meme did realize they are going to fail only after seeing the first question. Some people know they are going to fail months before writing an exam! 

Weak Students Can Relate-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

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