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12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 12:10 pm

Every person born on this planet goes through a depressive period at some point in their life. Sadly, depression has become an integral part of our modern lives. How many times you woke up in despair, spent the entire day as a dysfunctional human being, and went back to sleep feeling empty? Admit it; we all had those bad days. This topic is a humorous recap of those episodes of depression. Trust us; these 12 depression memes are funnier than what you may think! 
7.Depression And Anxiety Together

"When you're fatigued because of your depression, but you can't sleep because of your anxiety." 
Having depression and anxiety together is like suffering from diarrhea and persistent sneezing at the same time. It sucks because depression kills your day and anxiety spoil your night sleep. Clinical depression and severe anxiety require medical attention, without which an individual's mental health deteriorates to the point they harm themselves or contemplate suicide. 

Depression And Anxiety Together-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

8.Have You Ever Felt This Way?

"When you wanna hang out with people, but your perpetual self-doubt makes you feel like you are not really part of the group and they just tolerate you." 
Sometimes, our friends behave in a way that we start feeling that they no longer love us. We feel like they are just tolerating us. This weird feeling can be the result of a genuine neglect from our friends or our own wavered mindset. When your friends no longer care you, they usually don't initiate a conversation. You no longer receive invitations to social gatherings like parties. If you believe a friend is genuinely ignoring you, talk to them and try to know where things went wrong. 

Have You Ever Felt This Way?-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

9.Fat Sack Of Sh*t!

If you are overweight or obese person, this picture is perhaps the most depressing one you will see ever on the internet. "I'm a fat sack of sh*t" - oh man, that's exactly the moment self-hate kicked in! A lot of fat people don't open up, but if they do, they are going to sound more or less similar to this person. All it needs to lose weight, get good grades, or become a millionaire is the dedication and consistent hard work. As simple as that!

Fat Sack Of Sh*t!-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

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