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15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

Friday, Jun 26, 2020, 7:10 am

If being dumb were a religion, these 15 stupid people would probably qualify to be called saints of it! For us, they are clearly the dumbest humans in the world. Hey, it's okay to be a dim-witted person. The real reason why we hate brainless people is that they consistently deny opportunities to learn, and continue to dwell in their dreary and ignorant world. Guess what? They think everyone around them is a fool! Check these 15 instances when thickheaded people publicly demonstrated their dumbness! 
10.We Saw the Dumbest Person Today

We found no words to describe this stupidity! He heard about dumbness, but this is some hardcore stuff. Elevators do have buttons for every floor, no matter on which floor you catch them. We hope this person will someday find a cure for his insanity. It's not even funny!

We Saw the Dumbest Person Today-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

11.Thanks for Unconditional Love – Boys

"I live in a small town in Japan. I'm forever alone, but it's good to know there's someone who actually <3 (love) me. Yes, I have eyes!" A 'forever alone' guy responded to this girl's message! Boys from different parts of the world thanked her for unconditional love towards them! Yes, she loves boys with eyes!

Thanks for Unconditional Love – Boys-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

12.Google is there for a Reason

Google is apparently the best known medicine to dumbness. Most people don't use it because using Google to know unknown things is simply not a dumb person's trait. Google would have told this person what a reptile is. He, however, decided to expose his dumbness calling squirrel a reptile!

Google is there for a Reason-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

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