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Funniest "Started From The Bottom" Memes

Monday, Mar 22, 2021, 8:55 am

1.Gone further down

There is no doubt that if you do end up in Romania, then you have managed to sink even lower than you were before and that is going to pose you a bit of a problem. However, a bigger problem is if you have no idea how you got to Romania in the first place.

2.Getting to the top

Well this is one pretty amazing career ladder to climb because so many start out at the bottom and only a handful ever get to the top. Of course you also get a large house and free travel around the world, but you better hope that you like white.

3.Looking smug

There is no doubt that this kid is looking quite smug and can you blame him when he has reached these heady heights? If you did start at the bottom and ended up surrounded by girls in bikinis then would you not think that you had made it as well?

4.Moving around

This is the classic case of managing to move up that ladder before you find yourself crashing back down again in next to no time. Yes we know it is all about a boat sinking, but is there any point there that is not true?

5.Yay improvement

Well hey even though second bottom is not that great at least it is better than just being bottom. Of course the problem here is that you have spent a lot of money to get there in the first place.

6.Sometimes it's not meant to improve

Well there are times where you are at the bottom and you are just destined to stay there no matter what happens and this is one of those times. Even getting a helping hand does not seem to make a difference.

7.Dropping lower

It tells you a lot about yourself when your pants are trying to run away from you just like they are here. How does the guy even manage to walk without falling over? That just seems to defy the laws of physics.


8.Straight from the horses....

Ok so maybe it is just the way that the hair is sitting, but it does look as if it has been taken straight form the horse and put straight on her head. All they have done is add some color and thought that everything else was perfect when in actual fact it is far from it.

9.My how he has grown

The picture on the left is famous all over the Internet and it shows that it has reached new heights when you see how we now celebrate winning a trophy. Hey at least some progress has indeed been made.


10.So many people are stuck

So many people are indeed still stuck at the bottom no matter how hard they try to get higher. However, some will try to fake their way along, but hey that does not always work either.

11.Harsh, but accurate

Sometimes with a meme you just have to state the obvious and this is one such occasion. Clearly she has indeed started at the bottom and with a push of a button she reaches new heights, so is there anything wrong with this?


12.It's like they are all grown up

The similarities here are actually quite scary and has there ever been a meme that has been more accurate than this? It begs the question as to who was modeled on who?


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