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15 Funniest Pickup Lines To Use On Tinder

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 7:07 am

Who gets all the girls in town? Two kinds of guys. The filthy rich douchebags and the handsome guys. Both the types are very rare, and you know, there are not enough of them to snatch away all the girls in the town. So, how do you get girls even if you belong to the most abundant and unfortunate class of people, the ugly and poor?! Yep, step one to pickup girls is getting Tinder installed. Step two? Well, think of a funny pickup line; b*tches love pickup lines! We know many of you guys suck at writing a great pickup line, so here are 15 decent, explicit, and nasty pickup lines to use on Tinder!
7.Lengthy, But Worked

Some women may not prefer this type of conversation. However, it still worked for the guy because he might have read the girl's mind before delivering this lengthy pickup paragraph!!!

Lengthy, But Worked-15 Funniest Pickup Lines To Use On Tinder

8.Playing the Sympathy Card

Pickup lines need not always be funny and humorous. Sometimes, they can be like the one you are reading now. 

Playing the Sympathy Card-15 Funniest Pickup Lines To Use On Tinder

9.This Pickup Line that Worked Great

Oh boy, isn't this a dream conversation for many guys out there? All he used is just a cool pickup line to get that girl!

This Pickup Line that Worked Great-15 Funniest Pickup Lines To Use On Tinder

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