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15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:56 pm

Some of us love playing pranks on people, though we absolutely hate being pranked. Pranks are only cool as long as they aren't dangerous! Some pranks can make you laugh, while others can give you a heart-attack. Some pranks are genuine, while other are just dumb. Here are fifteen images of evil pranks that are actually genius! You can try one of these on your friends if you want! 
4.A Different Kind of Oreo

This is another harmless prank you can safely play on people. But, be sure that they may totally hate you back for doing this! People love Oreos, and playing this prank on them is nothing but playing with their feelings and might give them serious trust issues! Never try this prank on your kids, we bet they will hate you forever for doing this to them.

A Different Kind of Oreo-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

5.This Exhaustive Prank

We think someone pranked that owner, out of pure hate towards him! Both the prankster and the victim have to work their butts off to tie or untie that car. You don't often see pranks like these! Check this; a random car being tied to a road-side electrical pole. That's one good way to protect your car from thieves though.

This Exhaustive Prank-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

6.This Shitty Prank

This prank may look sick and disgusting, but this is a 'must try' prank if you are a prankster. The instructions are shown in the picture. Fortunately, this is odorless (you can add experiment with colors or fragrances if you want!). This is one of the nastiest pranks you can think of. Imagine the expressions on people's faces who get to see this artificial shit!

This Shitty Prank-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

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