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15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:56 pm

Some of us love playing pranks on people, though we absolutely hate being pranked. Pranks are only cool as long as they aren't dangerous! Some pranks can make you laugh, while others can give you a heart-attack. Some pranks are genuine, while other are just dumb. Here are fifteen images of evil pranks that are actually genius! You can try one of these on your friends if you want! 

Often people think they need to put so much effort to execute a prank. It's wrong, and you can prank people with just anything, if you are a little creative. Check out this guy who is pranking his family members with a beetroot! This is another cheap and harmless way to prank people. It's worth a try.

Beet-Rats-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

8.This Cruel $100 Bill Prank

It looks like someone has run a very creative advertising campaign with fake $100 bills. The idea was good. But, let us tell you, this would have made most of the people hate his or her business completely for pranking them. Money pranks? Never bro! However, if you are a prankster, you are sure to be deeply satisfied by seeing disappointment on people's faces.

This Cruel 0 Bill Prank-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

9.Half Baked Pie Prank

We didn't mean the pie was half baked. It was half eaten and neatly packed like it was a full pie. Those who received this pie must be deeply disappointed! Remember, when you prank buddies using food items, they take longer time to forgive you for your cruel prank!

Half Baked Pie Prank-15 Pranks So Evil That They Are Actually Genius

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