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12 Funniest Thong Fails Ever

Saturday, Sep 19, 2020, 10:33 am

Thongs look sexy when hot girls wear them. They look even sexier when they slip out of girls' dresses. Not all thong slips are sexy, though. If you are a frequenter to Walmart or other mega stores, you might have already seen fat, ugly, and older women willingly or unwillingly flashing their thongs. If you are unfortunate enough, you might have even seen men doing that! What you are about to see on this list are such ugly thong slip pictures. Here are the 12 funniest thong fail pictures that make you laugh or cringe hard!

#11 Shelly Scooter

Everyone who walked behind Sally Scooter that day enjoyed the wide smile she had to offer. However, they saw it as the family pack more than anything else due to the size.

Shelly Scooter-12 Funniest Thong Fails Ever


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