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12 Funniest Wedding Signs Ever Seen

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 9:54 am

These days we see a lot of families, mainly couples, try very hard to make their wedding the talk of the town. From bridal gown to cake, they make sure they epitomize their creativity in all aspects of the marriage. A wedding ceremony is incomplete without a healthy quotient of humor, from hilarious wedding photos to horrible wedding dresses and even bizarre wedding themes. Formal marriages are like a boring TV show! No one talks about them after the wedding. A good nuptial ceremony is the one where guests can have a lot of fun. The following 12 pictures show how couples added humor to their marriage ceremony with some funny wedding signs! 
1.Mutual Weirdness

Not everyone can find someone just as weird as they are. Then again, being weird isn't something that people tend to shout from the rooftops for all to hear. Luckily, this couple can bask in their weirdness together and forever. Even if their marriage doesn't last, their weirdness sure will.

2.Choose A Seat, Not A Side

This couple made things harder on their guests. Brides and grooms typically ask their friends and family to sit on a certain side. But to gives themselves less work and to avoid several headaches, this couple left the hard work up to their guests. The sign won't help much, as guests will choose to sit on the side of the person they know best.

Choose A Seat, Not A Side-12 Funniest Wedding Signs Ever Seen

3.Shoes Optional

This wedding is a fancy-free event. The couple isn't forcing their friends and family to wear certain items. They know wedding can be long, so this is their way of saying that if you want to take your shoes off, and then go right ahead. In the grand scheme of things, there should be a disclaimer under the sign that tells people with smelly feet to keep their shoes on at all times.

4.The Bride's Warning

This funny wedding sign is a subtle warning to the guests. Having an open bar at a wedding has its advantages and disadvantages. It skyrockets the wedding budget. Guests love unlimited free alcohol. Free drinks fuel their spirits and make them burn the dance floor! They are going to have a great time, but remember, alcohol can transform a gentleman into a troublemaker in no time! Many videos on the internet show guests fighting at wedding receptions after gulping down too many drinks!

The Bride's Warning-12 Funniest Wedding Signs Ever Seen

5.Party or Wedding?

Directional wedding signs are always fun to read and follow, but this sign is rather confusing. None of these signs have start times stamped on them. So do all of the guests get to choose if they want to go to the wedding first or to the barn for dinner and dancing?

6.Unattended Children Sign

Having your child run around or act up at a wedding is embarrassing and poor etiquette. This bride and groom created this sign to give parents a fair warning about what will happen if their child it let loose. Giving a child espresso is like seeing a hyperactive monkey at a zoo. And giving a little kid a puppy to take care of is a disaster waiting to happen.

7.Rocky Road Ahead

This sign is absolutely hilarious, but there's lots of truth to it. The sign and the rocks symbolize how difficult marriage can be if you let it. Unfortunately, a sign like this can scare the hair off of someone who has already been having second thoughts about taking the plunge.


8.Run While You Still Can

The little kid does look cute in his tuxedo, but we strongly think that the flag in his hand doesn't impress many, particularly the bride. It looks little embarrassing when it is seen from the bride's perspective. Apparently, the text on the white banner reads as "Run Aaron Run". Why would Aaron run?! Clearly, the poor kid didn't sign up for this. He doesn't look excited either. This must be the idea of the groom or some of his friends. The wedding sign looks funny, though. Let's hope that the flag offended no one! 

Run While You Still Can-12 Funniest Wedding Signs Ever Seen

9.Mrs. Always Right

Once all grooms learn to accept that their wife is 'Mrs. Always Right' then they will be able to live happily ever after. The groom and bride chair signs are a play on two titles men and women always give themselves in committed relationships. It's shocking that the groom got a sign at all since the men are often forgotten on the wedding day.

Mrs. Always Right-12 Funniest Wedding Signs Ever Seen


10.Last Chance Sign

Some brides and grooms get cold feet moments just before the wedding begins. This sign (which is near the entrance to the ceremony) gives both parties the chance to hightail it out of there. It's rather odd that a bride or a groom would want a sign like this at their wedding, but I'm sure the guests got a kick out of it.

Last Chance Sign-12 Funniest Wedding Signs Ever Seen

11.Hoppily Ever After

Spell-check is a writer's best friend. This sign says "Hoppily," as opposed to "Happily." Either that was a mistake made by the person who created this sign, or there's a set of bunnies getting married. No one would make such an elegant sign for some bunnies, so we're going to assume this was just an innocent mistake.

12.Stache Your Treats

There are so many different foods to choose from at a wedding. On top of that, there are always goodies and treats offered as well. While some people would love to stuff their face all day long, this sign informs these greedy guests on proper etiquette. This sign is only funny if the groom (or the bride in some cases) has a mustache.


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