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12 Funniest "When Boys" Tumblr Parodies/Memes

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:31 am

Some time back, there was a Tumblr trend where girls would post "When Boys" memes that talk about the cute things boys usually do. For some reason, many boys didn't like the posts although the girls were sharing good things about them! They decided to end the terrible Tumblr trend with hilarious parodies so girls would stop making those memes. The parodies were so funny that all of them went viral on the internet. Girls, boys want you to talk about their muscles or machismo, not about their curly hair or hazel eyes! Peeps, check out 12 of the funniest "When Boys" Tumblr parodies found on the internet
1.Depends On The Face

The parody looks hilarious. Isn't it? "When boys burry their face in the curve of your neck"! Boys like doing that to girls. Ah, it's really a cute and tickly feeling from a girl's perspective. Girls love the feeling. They want their boyfriends to do that to them always. Well, it all sounds very romantic until the boy is a creep or looks ugly. The situation is even more horrible when the guy is a Dracula! Having Dracula's face in her neck is the last thing any girl wants.

2.Boys With Curly Hair

"When Boys" memes should have the word cute affixed at the beginning because girls were mostly referring to cute boys only. Curly hair does look good, but the good looks largely depend on the face that is under it! People often say curly hair makes an ugly guy look much more repulsive.  Girls who think boys with curly hair look good need to remember all those famous mullet men of the 80s and 90s! 

3.Depends on the outfit

You see at first it sounds nice with matching outfits, but it all depends on the outfits themselves. The same jumper is great, but lets be honest the KKK outfit is certainly something else.


Sorry, but as soon as this picture at the bottom was noticed it had to be put on here for the simple reason that there is a very good chance that the song is now stuck in your head and it will be there for the rest of the day. It really is never going to give you up.

5.Depends who he is calling babe

You see thanks to one single movie the word babe can now mean something else. Is he calling you babe as in baby or does he secretly think you are a pig and is using a rather subtle way of telling you about it?

6.Depends what they are doing

What this shows is that it could be good that they are liking your photos on Facebook, but what if they are not what you expected? For all you know they could be rather scary and creepy and then is it as nice as you thought?

7.Depends how you define cute

You see this is a problem because what a girl may think is a cute nickname may be something completely different to what the guy has in store. Ok so the example at the bottom may very well be a bit on the extreme side, but the point still stands.


8.A nice notebook

Yes having your name jotted down can be quite nice, but if they are doing it in a book of people that they want to die, then it suddenly takes on an entirely different meaning. Suddenly you just feel that it is no longer worth the hassle.

9.Depends why they are not talking

What this shows you is that it all depends on the reasons as to why they are not talking as to whether or not it is a nice thing to happen. Lets face it, if they were not talking due to staring into your eyes that is fine, but is it fine if they look like this?


10.Older up to a point

Ahh yes the older man is something that a lot of girls love. However, as you can see there has to be an upper limit after which it just does not work out right as the bottom photograph shows.

11.Well it would make you nervous

There is no doubt that the girl at the bottom is indeed getting a bit nervous as the axe comes through the door. Suddenly it puts the previous saying in a different light because it is not exactly a nice kind of nerves.

12.A wonderful smile

Ahh yes girls just love when a boy smiles at them as it makes them feel all nice and gooey inside. However, it maybe does depend on who is doing the smiling as it takes on a different meaning when it is the Joker.


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