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12 Funny Jesus Memes That Will Make You Lol

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 11:51 am

We, humans, are witty enough to make jokes about pretty much anything from race, religion, God to people. Hey, it's okay to read God jokes because Jesus or any other God that we know doesn't send us to hell for doing so! Jesus only hates you when you do bad things, hurt others, commit crimes, etc. Hence what you are about to go through now isn't a deliberate act of sacrilege, but a bunch of jokes that makes an average individual laugh. Here are 12 Jesus Christ memes that are hilarious!
10.This Hilarious Meme!

Apparently, this meme humorously takes a dig at all those viral pictures and videos that show Jesus Christ appearing everywhere, from Cheetos to dog asses! Anyway, the big question here is, Will Jesus ever come back to Earth?! Nowhere in the Bible was it mentioned that Jesus would come back at a particular point, but many Christians around the world believe that Second Coming would happen very soon!

This Hilarious Meme!-12 Funny Jesus Memes That Will Make You Lol

11.Give It Back Tyrone, I Know You Took It!

It is a hilarious meme, and perhaps we shouldn't laugh at it! It isn't just a Jesus Christ meme, but it also happens to be a racist one! Evidently, whoever created the meme tried to portray the black kid as a thief! The art itself looks interesting, though. The white kids around Jesus are like, "We own you, Jesus," and Christ is like, "Come on, you little guy from Africa, I love you too!" if you find this meme hilarious, you may, perhaps, love these medieval art reactions as well!

Give It Back Tyrone, I Know You Took It!-12 Funny Jesus Memes That Will Make You Lol

12.Holy Shit!

So, that's the meaning of holy shit?! This meme does sound a bit blasphemous, so laugh at your own risk! Don't come back and complain if you lose your free ticket to heaven for laughing at this meme. As said earlier, this topic is just an assortment of some random Jesus Christ jokes that is specifically created for those who want to check them! Remember, no good lord sends you to hell for making fun of him, even though you are supposed to be respectful to others! Be kind to others, help those who are in need, don't tell lies, don't ruin other people's lives, and that's when God likes you!

Holy Shit!-12 Funny Jesus Memes That Will Make You Lol

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