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Funny Tombstone Epitaphs

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 6:17 pm


You have got to laugh at somebody taking their headstone and turning it into something political. Why they felt the need to do that is a mystery, but it is certainly quite humorous that they took it that serious that those words have indeed gone with them to the grave.


There is nothing better than turning a spooky moment into something quite funny as can be seen with this epitaph. You have to just imagine the pride that the person would have had when they came up with this rhyme and the dead person is probably quite happy with it as well.


This inscription is at least being honest and in its own way it is also very, very funny to read. You just know that this guy did indeed live life to its fullest and it does bring a smile to your face when you read this and hope that you too can live a life like this.

4.Lights out

This is a very clever rhyme and you have to congratulate them on having it put on their tombstone. At least this is different to everything else that would be around them and ultimately it is an epitaph that you would be very proud to have yourself.


You do not need to know what else is said on this epitaph because surely these letters down the side is more than enough to catch your attention. This is both funny as well as very clever and you need to remember that this is in a graveyard as well.

6.Logged out

This is very clever and it is undoubtedly a play on modern technology and computers. You just know that this is going to have been somebody that loved going on their computer and had a lot of fun doing it, so it is very apt that it now appears on their tombstone like this.

7.Not BRB

This is quite an apt epitaph considering our need to say BRB all of the time and that is what makes this one quite funny. Even though you do not know the person you can still imagine them saying it and it would have certainly raised a smile when it was revealed.


8.The gas

This is another tombstone epitaph that just conjures up some funny images of this guy skidding off towards his death due to getting mixed up with the pedals. One thing that is for certain is he will not make that mistake again.

9.Dog wok

This is actually much funnier than it really should be because you just cannot help but laugh at it. Poor Rex, from a much loved family pet to a dog on a cooker mixed with some noodles and soy sauce, what a sad way to go, unless he was tasty of course.


10.A bear

This is funny simply because of the image it conjures up in your mind as you do just automatically think of this guy running into a cave after a bear. This is just such a strange thing to do that to then put it on a tombstone is the work of a genius.

11.Quite apt

This was really quite apt considering the career that Mel Blanc had in the cartoon industry. In case you did not know he was the voice to so many characters and of course Bugs Bunny who said "That's all folks"


12.The sod

You have to admit that this is pretty good and you would be proud to have this on your very own tombstone. It does show that the person had a real sense of humor to even consider having this put on, so well done to them we say.


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