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Highlights From The Big Bang Theory-The Anxiety Optimization

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 5:30 am

The Anxiety optimization is the 13th episode of Season 8 of The Big bang theory, The episode features Sheldon's attempt to alter his anxiety levels in order to make himself more productive. The episode also shows how Howard finds a way to annoy Raj by asking some uncomfortable questions to Leonard, Penny and Bernadette. The episode was a laughter ride with Sheldon and Amy team up again but this time to help Sheldon achieve his Anxiety optimization. Want to hear the gags? Then read on...
1.Proton Decay

So Sheldon is trying to come up with a theory of Dark Matter that doesn't make proton decay by optimizing his environment. He starts with a board and constantly staring at it and repeating the words "Proton Decay". This goes on until Leonard arrives and startled him which disturbs his concentration.

2.Aiming Amy's heart

Sheldon takes the help of his girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler to optimize his anxiety so that he can work in any kind of environment. Amy does that by treating him a little similar to lab rat. She disturbs him by rubbing a balloon while he's solving a maze. Sheldon get's so annoyed that he pops the Balloon and says i was aiming for your heart :D

3.Eating Banana

Amy points out the various things Sheldon requested her not to do to give him discomfort. One of which was not letting Amy to eat a banana. Sheldon questions Amy's way of eating a banana horizontally to which Amy replies that it's how her mother told a good girl eats a banana.

4.Taylor Swift voice scary

Sheldon plays some of the horrifying music in background to scare him while he works. Leonard gets disturbed and asks him to atleast use microphones. Sheldon explains the reason why he is playing those voices and also tells he also wanted to insert Taylor Swift voice as well but it turns out he loves her.

5.Dog Hair

Raj takes his girlfriend Emily to work where Emily tells Howard how she loves Raj for what he is and she likes that Raj is sensitive and loves his dog. After which she kisses raj only to find out there is Dog's hair in Raj's mouth which makes the situation awkward for Raj.


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