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15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious

Friday, Mar 26, 2021, 6:39 am

Unless your name sounds something like Mike Litoris or Christie C*ckburn, we don't think you hate your moniker! A lot of us love our names, and if someone tries to twist it, we may well punch them in their face! Hey, we aren't as famous as a celebrity, so no one's going to f*ck with our name; be assured. Celebrities, on the other hand, are always in the public eye. Millions around the world talk about them, and there's always that one random guy or girl who comes up with insane and absurd ideas to make fun of them - like these celebrity name puns!
1.Christian Bale

Christian Bale, Muslim Bale, Buddhist Bale, Hindu Bale, and Jewish Bale - we don't think we can find a better celebrity than Christian Bale to kick-start the topic! This post isn't just about the name pun. The best part of it is the picture that shows Christian Bale in the attires of different religions. He looks perfectly natural in every religious outfit. United Nations or interfaith dialog groups should hire him to keep the peace! Excellent Photoshop work, by the way! Keep scrolling folks; more funny celebrity name puns ahead! 

Christian Bale-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious

2.Reese Witherspoon

Her name is Reese Witherspoon, but you hardly see her with a spoon! Here's a picture of Reese Witherspoon, with and without her spoon! She does look cute with her dazzling smile, and gosh, look at that sparkling spoon! It looks brighter than our future, though! Hey, did you know the surname Witherspoon originated in the United Kingdom? It has a rather interesting meaning. The last name Witherspoon means, "A narrow strip of land where sheep dwell." There used to be a small village named Witherspoon in the United Kingdom in the medieval period, which has been lost now.

Reese Witherspoon-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious

3.Ray Charles

Ray Charles got punned too! Christian Bale became a peacekeeping agent, Reese became a spoon, and Ray Charles became a blue ray! What? Yes, a blue ray! The other celebrities must be thanking themselves for not looking anything like Ray Charles. This looks hilarious! Nevertheless, he is one the best musicians the world has ever seen.
Ray Charles-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


4.Pamela Anderson

This is yet another hilarious celebrity name pun. Pamela Anderson; Pamela and Her Son! Pun is so strong with this one here! Pamela Anderson – Pamela Withoutherson; this image is funny! We hope you liked it too.
Pamela Anderson-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious



What will Beyonce become if you put two pictures of her side by side? She becomes Beytwice! Well, that’s what this image is telling us. This perfectly thought out pun may irk fans, but will appeal pun lovers!
Beyonce-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


6.William Dafoe

“Shadow of the Vampire” star William Dafoe became William Dafriend in this celebrity pun image. Incase if you didn’t get yet, William Dafoe’s last name sounds like ‘Willia Da Foe’, which got punned by unknown people as ‘William Da Friend’!
William Dafoe-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


7.Neil Patrick Harris

There you go; even Neil Patrick Harris got dragged into this celebrity name pun thing. The picture shows you Neil Patrick Harris being stood up and kneeled down. We guess you got the point. The pun here is ‘Kneel Patrick Harris’! 
Neil Patrick Harris-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious



8.Tom Cruise

The superstar is here! Tom Cruise is a sweet target of internet vandals from a long time. You can see lots of funny photos on Tom Cruise, with his head morphed onto cruise ships! People took Tom Cruise a little farther this time, by punning his name the right way! Tom Cruise, Tome Drive, Tom Fly to name a few!
Tom Cruise-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


9.Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe got one such last name that’s hard to create some pun. That’s not the end of the story though. Daniel is always a Radcliffe, not a Boringcliffe! The name Boringcliffe, and the image in particular is hilarious! We don’t know who got this idea, but they must be pun masters.
Daniel Radcliffe-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious



10.Kanye West

This pun adds new direction to Kanye West’s name! Why always west? It can be east, south or north! This image perfectly got that right, though two other directions are missing! We don’t know how angry can Kanye West be if he sees this image, but this will most people laugh.
Kanye West-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


11.Tom Hardy

His last name is a pun magnet! It’s obvious and pretty easy how Tom Hardy name can be punned! It’s Tom Softy! The ‘Bane’ star looks equally good in the two images. Luckily the name here is ‘softy’ only, not the other naughty synonyms!
Tom Hardy-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


12.Arnold Schwarzenegger

Unlike others, Arnold got his first name punned! Those who created this pun intentionally chose his first name, because if the angry Terminator ever come to them seeking an explanation, they can simply tell him that name Arnold belongs to someone else! The name ‘Arnyoung’ is funny!
Arnold Schwarzenegger-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


13.Ellen Page

Popular Canadian actress Ellen Page got punned too. Well, her fans made her into a book! The images shows ‘Juno’ star as a book; Ellen Book literally! Oh boy, this is seriously funny! We believe most people will laugh at this picture, but not sure if Ellen likes that or not!
Ellen Page-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


14.Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken, Christopher Sittin, Christopher Flying, Christopher Rollin; you can add more if you want! Even ‘The Deer Hunter’ actor couldn’t escape it even though his last name doesn’t sound quite really awkward like some others’ do. Is Christopher Readin this? We hope no!
Christopher Walken-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


15.Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman is second Harry Potter actor featured in our list! We think this is pun just perfect because the name suited perfectly, and the image was too taken from Harry Potter movie. If fans can remember it, Alan (Snape) appears in female getup (Neville’s grandma getup) in Prisoner of Azkaban movie.
Alan Rickman-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious



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