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15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 6:39 am

Unless your name sounds something like Mike Litoris or Christie C*ckburn, we don't think you hate your moniker! A lot of us love our names, and if someone tries to twist it, we may well punch them in their face! Hey, we aren't as famous as a celebrity, so no one's going to f*ck with our name; be assured. Celebrities, on the other hand, are always in the public eye. Millions around the world talk about them, and there's always that one random guy or girl who comes up with insane and absurd ideas to make fun of them - like these celebrity name puns!
13.Ellen Page

Popular Canadian actress Ellen Page got punned too. Well, her fans made her into a book! The images shows ‘Juno’ star as a book; Ellen Book literally! Oh boy, this is seriously funny! We believe most people will laugh at this picture, but not sure if Ellen likes that or not!

Ellen Page-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


14.Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken, Christopher Sittin, Christopher Flying, Christopher Rollin; you can add more if you want! Even ‘The Deer Hunter’ actor couldn’t escape it even though his last name doesn’t sound quite really awkward like some others’ do. Is Christopher Readin this? We hope no!

Christopher Walken-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


15.Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman is second Harry Potter actor featured in our list! We think this is pun just perfect because the name suited perfectly, and the image was too taken from Harry Potter movie. If fans can remember it, Alan (Snape) appears in female getup (Neville’s grandma getup) in Prisoner of Azkaban movie.

Alan Rickman-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


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