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12 Hilarious Closed Signs That Will Make You Lol

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 12:33 pm

A closed sign is something every business hates to put up. A small business often runs the risk of permanent or brief shutdowns because of their minimum human or monetary resources. As a patron of a local business, sometimes, you may find it disheartening to see it closed. Isn't it a bad feeling to find a closed sign on the door of your favorite grub spot, so you can't cool off your hunger pangs with your favorite burger or pizza? Some stores choose creative closed signs over conventional ones to minimize the customer discontent. Such creative closed signs make you chuckle on the spot! Take a look at the pictures of these 12 hilarious closed signs we found on the internet.
1.Get Bigger

Well at least this person is trying to be helpful in offering them some advice on where they are going wrong. Ok so it is just because they want a taco, but any help should be warmly received.

Get Bigger-12 Hilarious Closed Signs That Will Make You Lol


Imagine all the pulling and pushing going on outside of this establishment along with red faces! At least this sign is trying to be educational and helping you out, but you would need to be a bit thick to not then realize that they are indeed closed.

3.By Who's Standards?

Well at least those that are not pussy's get through this closed road. One wonders what the criteria is to be considered a pussy or not.

4.Not Very Funny Closed Sign

The owner of the store is trying to be humorous with his customers. People love it when owners of restaurants, grocery stores, or other small businesses exhibit their sense of humor. However, the store owners need to make sure they don't get carried away while trying to be funny. The closed sign does look funny. Now, do you really think people read the entire sign? All one can read from a distance is the phrase "Closed Forever". It is okay to put a funny out of order sign, but we don't think the jokey closed sign is a good business idea. 

Not Very Funny Closed Sign  -12 Hilarious Closed Signs That Will Make You Lol

5.Simple Word Explanations

This place certainly understands open and closed and if the general public do not, this could serve as a good tutorial. Short, but to the point and at least they explain things in an easy manner.

6.You Tell 'Em!

This sign lit up all over this particular route and was seen all day by drivers. Depending on why this person was fired we reckon this is what is called 'divine retribution'!

7.Divine Working Conditions

Now these are hours we'd all enjoy. When we have had enough we simply close shop so to speak. The only problem is how do we know when they plan on sleeping or when they have had enough?


8.Well Now Really?

This might be meant as a fun sign, but how many people actually went back after seeing this closed sign? Hmm perhaps being a bit more subtle is going to be a better approach?

9.Very Funny. Not!

Perhaps this sign really worked and the patrons say 'Oh! Thank goodness, you nearly got me!'. Or perhaps they realized just how unprofessional this shop is and never went back.

Very Funny. Not!-12 Hilarious Closed Signs That Will Make You Lol



Good point! For those that walked in the rain or snow to get to this shop they would understand that 'shut' definitely does happen.

Sigh!-12 Hilarious Closed Signs That Will Make You Lol


At times the general public would rather not know as to why the establishment is closed. A plain closed or open would do. Or, perhaps the public has a right to know?

12.Perhaps, Maybe?

Oh well! This clever shop owner has secured himself some flexitime? The point is though that many of its customers are totally confused no doubt.


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